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February 2022 NIB Awards

February 2022 NIB Awards - Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Achievement, Building Community - South Kitsap School District

February NIB Awards


NIB is any school district employee, student, volunteer, or community member who exhibits the characteristics of the South Kitsap School District vision of Nurturing growth, Inspiring achievement, and Building community

Feb NIB Award - Alicia Bennet-Veitch - Orchard Heights Elementary

Alicia Bennett-Veitch
Orchard Heights Elementary

Alicia Bennett-Veitch is an exemplary education professional. She conducts herself with sophisticated poise. She is a team player and goes above and beyond not only in her role as an SLP, supporting her students and always advocating for their needs and services but in her role as a colleague and friend. Regardless of the work demands she is facing, she always takes the time to offer to help support others. She actively participates as a member of the South Kitsap teacher's union and supports our teachers throughout our school and our district. Alicia is an integral part of our school community and a valued and loved member of the Orchard Heights family.

Feb NIB Award - John Jaqua - Marcus Whitman

John Jaqua
Marcus Whitman

John is perhaps the most unsung hero at Marcus.  The amount of work he does every single day is extraordinary.  He puts 50+ tables and chairs up and down multiple times every day.  He doesn't just do it once, the setup changes from breakfast to lunch.  He is extremely resourceful when fixing broken items.  He takes care of the cleaning that most of us wouldn't want to touch with a 10-foot pole.  If we have a request, he does his very best to accommodate.  John is pulled in multiple directions every day and never complains.  Without him, we would be lost.  I'm honestly not sure other people realize just how hard he works.

Feb NIB Award - Marcus Whitman Paraeducators - Marcus Whitman

Marcus Whitman Paraeducators
Marcus Whitman

Reagan Borden, Socorro (Soc) Carlos, Kristen Castro, Jennifer Denison, Chelsea Durban, Tricia Etue, Shasta Foreman, Jean Jones, Todd Mackey, Nichole Rice, Madeline Roberts, Mary Rogers, Julia Stiles

The paraeducators at Marcus Whitman go above and beyond everyday!  This year especially our staff has had to be flexible, willing to fill-in in multiple classrooms, and sensitive to the varied needs of our students. Each day is an adventure, and everyone has stepped up to lend a hand when needed. I can't begin to thank them enough for their hard work and dedication.  

FEB NIB Award - Paige Puryear - EPO

Paige Puryear
East Port Orchard Elementary

Paige has built countless positive relationships with students, staff, and families. She goes above and beyond to create supports and interventions for students that lead to success. Paige is a celebrity at EPO who all the students want to connect with because of her kindness and ability to build positive relationships. Paige is a wonderful person and counselor. EPO is lucky to have her in our community.

FEB NIB Award - Katie Pickard & Lisa Salisbury - Nurses at Marcus Whitman

Katie Pickard & Lisa Salisbury
Nurses at Marcus Whitman

Our MWMS nurses have been going above and beyond to keep us all safe during covid and are so appreciated! They put in a ton of extra hours contact tracing and testing staff and students on top of their normal work. They are amazing!

FEB NIB Award - Lisa Matala - Nurse at Sidney Glen & Cedar Heights

Lisa Matala
Nurse at Sidney Glen & Cedar Heights

I know all of the nurses in SK have been busy and overworked, but Lisa has taken the time to be kind and help lots of people during this crazy pandemic, even calling me in the evening after just leaving work late to help my family and I figure things out on Covid protocols, etc.  I really appreciate everything she has done and has been kind through all of it! 

FEB NIB Award - Jess Lundblad - Marcus Whitman

Jess Lundblad
Marcus Whitman

Jess goes above and beyond to serve our students who have significant vision needs.  She is kind, caring, and helpful.  She truly wants the best for students, and it is apparent in the way she works with them and staff.  Jess embodies what it means to Nurture growth, Inspire achievement, and Build community!

FEB NIB Award - Laneya Pattee-Higuera - Sunnyslope Elementary

Laneya Pattee-Higuera
Sunnyslope Elementary

Due to Laneya's initiative and leadership, all students continued to receive special services despite two weeks of extreme staff shortages.  She not only collaborated remotely with the lead teacher but also organized materials, delivered instruction, managed technology, and mentored guest paraeducators new to the district.  Laneya embodies the SK Way -- always willing to go above and beyond to support staff and students.

FEB NIB Award - Social Studies and English Department - Marcus Whitman Middle School

Social Studies and English Department
Marcus Whitman

Julie Bradley, Deanna Bush, Kristen Croston, Scott Danubio, Chelsea Foster, Gene Gerard, Napua Kellogg, Jodi Marshall, Sarah Pollock, Fawn Riha, Kate Valles, Brenda Walls, Steve Whitaker

The Marcus Whitman English & Social Studies department members are rock stars!  Throughout these last crazy years, they have continually supported one another, created and recreated what school would look like, all while focusing on what is best for their students.  Our students are lucky to have these teachers in their corner, nurturing them, inspiring them and building a community within our school.  We are thankful for what they do each and every day!

FEB NIB Award - Nancy Immel - Manchester Elementary

Nancy Immel
Manchester Elementary

Nancy is a beautiful representation of our district's vision. She works diligently to engage and educate our most stiving learners, while also finding a way to consistently and purposefully teach, reinforce, and model social, emotional, and mental well-being. She takes the time to carefully and accurately teach students grade-level standards they've not mastered yet, while also helping them learn appropriate ways to regulate their emotions, their bodies, and improve their self-talk.

The relationships Nancy is building through her position are meaningful, powerful, and true. She cares deeply about our students and gives the very best of herself every day. SKSD is lucky to have such a professional, dedicated, and loyal employee representing us. It is an honor working with her to serve our community.

FEB NIB Award - Dustine Kimmel - John Sedgwick Middle School

Dustine Kimmel
John Sedgwick Middle School

Dustine goes above and beyond for her students every day. Anytime I have a question about a student, even if it is not a student on her caseload, she will help. Recently I was struggling with a situation in my room and Dustine kept trying to resolve it, even though it was not her responsibility.

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