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June 2023 NIB Awards

June 2023 NIB Awards - Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Achievement, Building Community - South Kitsap School District

June 2023 NIB Awards


NIB is any school district employee, student, volunteer, or community member who exhibits the characteristics of the South Kitsap School District vision of Nurturing growth, Inspiring achievement, and Building community.

Mullenix Ridge PTA Officers

PTA Officers
Mullenix Ridge Elementary

The Mullenix Ridge PTA leaders (Meg Calvillo, Toni Kruckeberg, Mollie Meyer, Anton Preisinger, Carrie Schmidt, Letty Walker) have helped the PTA have a very successful year supporting our students, staff, and community by hosting fun events and programs. The PTA has made a huge impact  and we appreciate their efforts.

Mullenix Ridge Volunteers

Mullenix Ridge Elementary

Mullenix Ridge was fortunate enough to have hundreds of loyal volunteers who managed to donate over 12,000 hours to the building. We truly thank each of them for giving the precious gift of TIME. A special thanks to the honor roll members (Kana Barrie, Jane Beresheim, Amanda Blandino, Meg Calvillo, Amy Ho, Carissa Hellewell, Elle Matheson, Mollie Meyer, Kristy Osbourne, Melissa Porter, Anton Preisinger, Kim Robinson, Carrie Schmidt, Letty Walker, Jude Kilen, Danielle O’Toole) who donated more than 100 hours of volunteer service.

HallieJohnson Mullenix Ridge

Hallie Johnson
Mullenix Ridge Elementary

We greatly appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to teach and encourage the students who have decided to wrestle. Your passion for this sport has helped motivate them as individuals and as a team.


Jane Berersheim Mullenix Ridge

Jane Beresheim
Mullenix Ridge Elementary

Jane Beresheim has been a volunteer for many years, and she seamlessly runs our “Rocket Readers” program for all kindergarteners and first graders. In her spare time, she goes through our never-ending lost and found looking for names so she can return a jacket or coat to the rightful owner. When everything appears to be complete, Jane will seek to help wherever help is needed. All the students and staff know and love her.

Holly Cruz, David Cruz, Jerry White, Amber White Marcus Whitman Middle School

Holly Cruz, David Cruz, Jerry White & Amber White
Marcus Whitman Middle School

This year, Marcus Whitman Middle School has its first PTO in a long while, and it has already made a difference in the school climate. Thank you for sharing your time and energy to support our students and provide fun initiatives that make Marcus a great place to learn.

Carmen Millet, Mary Grace Pelland, Katie Nguyen, Enabella Eldridge, Tatiana Silveria-Freitas South Kitsap High School

Carmen Millet, Mary Grace Pelland, Katie Nguyen, Enabella Eldridge & Tatiana Silveria-Freitas
South Kitsap High School

These students volunteered hours during the Winter and Spring seasons supporting childcare for the Ready! For Kindergarten program. They helped to provide a safe, supportive educational environment that models the importance of respect and meaningful play for young children. They provided appropriate developmental activities that help the children we serve have a fun, educational experience during their time with us.

Tierza Clerc EPO

Tierza Clerc
East Port Orchard Elementary

Tierza has been a wonderful addition to our special education team as our new occupational therapist. She has jumped in and made great connections with students and staff immediately, and tackled a huge pile of evaluations that were waiting for her.

Amy Sherburn Olalla Elementary

Amy Sherburn
Olalla Elementary

Ms. Sherburn is a prime example of someone who lives and breathes their career.  She ensures that our most struggling readers are able read before transitioning to the intermediate grades.  Her dedication to this shared goal is evident both in the amount of time she's committed to our school, and how she uses her time when at school - meeting with small groups of students, coaching teachers, and planning professional development.

Will Gatlin SKHS

Will Gatlin
South Kitsap High School

Will Gatlin epitomizes what it means to be ALL South Kitsap. Mr. Gatlin has spent countless hours all fall, winter, and spring at SKHS providing students and staff with positive interactions through his teaching and coaching. Will came back to Port Orchard to give back to the students and community of South Kitsap because of how much he loved his experience as a student and athlete during his career here. We are fortunate to have a leader like Will working with our community.

Annette Stewart School & Family Support

Annette Stewart
School & Family Support

Annette is a hard-working advocate and goes above and beyond for our higher-need students. She looks for ways to bring in resources and has received a grant for the McKinney-Vento students to provide them cell phones. She spearheaded the clothes closet and continues to have community support for donating clothes throughout the year. Annette is amazing with a generous heart.

Dezerae Cave JSMS

Dezerae Cave
John Sedgwick Middle School

Dezerae puts her students and their needs first and works hard to connect academically and emotionally with each student she encounters. Students and staff trust her in many ways and she helps add to our school's sense of community!

Sheila Reynolds & Denise Katzmann OH

Sheila Reynolds & Denise Katzmann
Orchard Heights Elementary

On top of their endless duties on the custodial staff at Orchard Heights, they are still two of the biggest advocates for the SK Ready! for Kindergarten program that we could possibly have. Their passion for the program is evident in the way they offer constant support, and in their dedication to making sure the SK Ready! team has everything they need to support the 200+ families we serve each Ready! Season.

Natalie Gray, Mamie Wilson-Bernardo & Angela Fenton MAN & EPO

Natalie Gray, Mamie Wilson-Bernardo, & Angela Fenton
Manchester & EPO

Natalie, Nicole, and Angela have been warm, positive, and fun to work with. They have balanced tasks between the health room and front office, providing patience and thoughtful care to all students. The connections they have built with students are inspiring and their friendly service and communication are top-notch.


Krystal Kennedy-Wheeler JSMS

Krystal Kennedy-Wheeler
John Sedgwick Middle School

Krystal is always thinking of ways to help all students. She helps students develop important  life skills daily and helps kids feel comfortable in their own skin. She is also an amazing support person for multiple staff members as well. She's always there to be the listening ear or shoulder to cry on for staff and students.

Danyell Laughlin, Corin Bahr & Teresa Fugier Cedar Heights Middle School

Danyell Laughlin, Corin Bahr & Teresa Fugier
Cedar Heights Middle School

Danyell is a fierce advocate who has consistently high expectations of her students. She communicates with students honestly and with deep care and investment in their personal and academic growth. She works tirelessly to problem-solve ways for her school community to consistently improve.

Corin exudes grace and professionalism, serving students and families with great care. She has shown great character, patience, and hope for students and celebrates every small achievement earned.

Teresa consistently nurtures our students while helping them learn how to be their best selves in the classroom. When students work with Teresa, they feel seen and heard because she balances their wants and needs while still holding them to high expectations for achievement.

Esther Bulthuis EPO

Esther Bulthuis
East Port Orchard Elementary

Esther's distinct laughter, expertise, and work ethic are trademarks of the East Port Orchard front office. Esther goes above and beyond daily to serve students, staff, and families. She is a resource for our community, and we will miss her immensely as she starts her next adventure in retirement.

Katie Kraus & Shizuka Derosia South Kitsap High School

Katie Kraus & Shizuka Derosia
South Kitsap High School

Katie has an unusually exquisite combination of traits: being strong-willed, positive, constructive, and yet, very friendly, approachable, and deeply compassionate on top of her keen sensitivity to spot and control all issues among the students and the community members in the school hours and at large school events.

Shizuka constantly aims at the utmost cleanliness wherever she is sent to work. She refuses to lower her work standards despite her extremely busy personal life with her young children. She is unassuming, quiet, and, therefore, underestimated asset.

Heather Wilson Olalla Elementary

Heather Wilson
Olalla Elementary

Our library is a safe haven for everyone because of the nurturing environment Heather has created. She has an open-door policy for anyone who needs extra support, enrichment opportunities, or just a break from the day. She builds meaningful relationships, she advocates for equity and is passionate about removing barriers for her students and their families.

Natalie Bornfleth Sidney Glen Elementary

Natalie Bornfleth
Sidney Glen Elementary

Natalie is a learner, and her students are learners because of her. She empowers each student to build a love for learning with her and provides them with every possible opportunity to help foster the excitement and love of learning.

Carol Chang MWMS

Carol Chang
Marcus Whitman Middle School

Carol’s willingness to connect with everyone is what makes our library an uplifting place to be. Ms. Chang is very kind, passionate and understanding to everyone. She always has a positive outlook that helps even during the hardest days of the school year.

Robin Ragsdale BG

Robin Ragsdale
Burley Glenwood Elementary

In the classroom, Robin maintains a calm demeanor and a consistently positive attitude. She provides invaluable support to her team, always willing to share ideas from her years of experience It is an honor to work with her.

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