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March 2023 NIB Awards

February 2023 NIB Awards - Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Achievement, Building Community - South Kitsap School District

March 2023 NIB Awards


NIB is any school district employee, student, volunteer, or community member who exhibits the characteristics of the South Kitsap School District vision of Nurturing growth, Inspiring achievement, and Building community

Jessie Nace Orchard Heights NIB Awards

Jessie Nace
Orchard Heights

Jessie gives 100% everyday. She goes above and beyond in making sure that students have what they need and are encouraged to do their best. She always supports our team to the best of her ability. We couldn’t do it without you Jess!

Amanda Donn Information Technology Service NIB Awards

Amanda Donn
Information Technology Services

We are lucky to have Amanda Donn in our district! I refer to her as the “knower of all things Skyward” and it’s so true. I know with her step-by-step directions, I’ll get the data I need, and will understand what I’m doing. I can tell that she likes a challenge, but she also likes to help people understand new things and be able to learn new Skyward skills. She’s such an asset to the IT department, and a wonderful representative of our district.

Emily Fogel & Mary Anne Van Doornik Marcus Whitman NIB Awards

Emily Fogel & Mary Anne Van Doornik
Marcus Whitman

Emily & Mary Anne are focused on making Marcus Whitman Middle School an inviting place for students, staff and our families. Their leadership in our climate committee and helping us develop a culture of coaching is making a difference for our building on a daily basis. It is difficult to quantify all they do for Marcus Whitman, but it is important to recognize and appreciate the positive difference they make.


Nicole Watkins South Colby Elementary NIB Awards

Nicole Watkins
South Colby

Nicole continually goes above and beyond at creating a community in our school. She runs clubs, student council, provides support for families beyond what is required, and celebrates staff members. She is so cheerful and inclusive and makes everyone in the building feel like they are her most favorite of all time! She is the epitome of a NIB!

Chris Scaringella Office of Special Services NIB Awards

Chris Scaringella
Office of Special Services

Chris stepped up and took on my role to help support the developmental preschool and OSS office to cover another staff member’s leave. Due to the early delivery, she just had to jump right into it, and even though it was crazy and challenging, Chris did a great job. Chris is a huge team player and her help and commitment to the office was amazing and so helpful.

Whitney May John Sedgwick Middle School NIB Awards

Whitney May
John Sedgwick

Whitney goes above and beyond to build relationships with her students. Her methods of instruction are always research driven, but she also knows just how to bond with kids who have/are experiencing trauma in their lives. Due to her caring heart and tenacity, she has created a safe place for all students and whatever baggage they bring to school.

Angie Matheson Transportation NIB Awards

Angie Matheson

Angie is such a blessing to this department and to everyone with whom she has contact. She goes out of her way to connect with the students who ride her bus, parents trust her and understand that her priority is the safety of their children, and her kind and caring approach is inspiring.

Rachel Lamoureaux Orchard Heights NIB Awards

Rachel Lamoureaux
Orchard Heights

Ms. Rachel has 11 years of service at Orchard Heights, she goes above and beyond as an educator, she always puts the students first. Ms. Rachel has such a deep connection with our students and can talk anyone out of a problem. She comes to school everyday with a smile on her face and loves these students unconditionally.

Ben Emerson, Lindsay Greene, Drew Devoe, & Rachel Thummel SKHS NIB Awards

Ben Emerson, Lindsey Greene, Drew Devoe & Rachel Thummel

Ben, Lindsay, Drew and Rachel have gone above and beyond to support and assist students in SKHS’s Social Communications Program this year. Each of these instructors has adapted their curriculum to meet student needs, as well as providing positive words of encouragement that stick with the students throughout the day.

Lee La Deaux SKHS NIB Awards

Lee LaDeaux

Lee LaDeaux leads the Security Team at South Kitsap High School with professionalism and courtesy. While these qualities are what we should expect from all the staff in SKSD, Lee’s genuine concern for our students’ growth as responsible citizens shows in the way in which he interacts with students on a day-to-day basis. He connects with students through appropriate banter, while still maintaining the professionalism and authority of his role. He shows compassion for students in need.

Vanessa Burgess John Sedgwick Middle School NIB Awards

Vanessa Burgess
John Sedgwick

Vanessa continually brings joy, wisdom and a profound knowledge of her students’ social communication needs. Her aim is to ensure each student’s individual goals are relevant and attainable and goes above and beyond to help staff understand how to best support these goals. She is friendly and remains positive in difficult situations. We love having Vanessa as the Social Communications teacher here at Sedgwick!Randee’s calm consistency has created an engaging and respectful environment that is conductive to learning. She implements teaching strategies that are appropriate, and which have resulted in students’ academic and emotional growth.


Kristin Hamner Sidney Glen Elementary NIB Awards

Kristin Hamner
Sidney Glen

She has gone above and beyond to help my daughter inside and outside of the classroom with her recent ADHD diagnosis. Including, but not limited to, personally reaching out to let me know how she is feeling and reacting at school, even outside of school hours.

Heidi Wilske & Monte Bruno Transportation NIB Awards

Heidi Wilske & Monte Bruno

Heidi and Monte have both done an amazing job supporting the Transportation Office with their positive attitudes, providing clear and effective communication, and going out of their way to make sure driver needs are met so they can provide safe transportation for our SKSD students.

Bruce Bullock Cedar Heights Middle School NIB Awards

Bruce Bullock

Bruce Bullock assists bus drivers and communicates with office and admin staff to support bus arrival and departure. Bruce takes pride and is highly committed to safety at one of the most populated and busy roads in town, Pottery and Sidney. Bruce makes sure students, bus drivers and other drivers are safe and complying with safety regulations. His kindness and patience is also well known by all students at Cedar Heights.


Aryn Robinson Hidden Creek Elementary NIB Awards

Aryn Robinson
Hidden Creek

Aryn goes above and beyond to support our team and fourth graders in any way she can. From holding additional math intervention groups to support struggling students, to planning engaging learning opportunities like “Fossil Day” and “STEM Day”, Aryn is a powerhouse of optimism and creativity. In addition, she volunteers her time to boost both staff and student morale as not only a member of our school’s Sunshine Committee but is also the secretary. Aryn, thank you for your flexibility and all that you do for South Kitsap!

Willa Daily Orchard Heights NIB Awards

Willa Daily
Orchard Heights

Willa goes above and beyond in her love of students. She spends countless hours purchasing, creating and preparing fun bookmarks for kids to inspire the love of reading. She does this all on her own time with her own money. I have often seen Willa set aside bookmarks for specific students who need a pick me up.

Shara Nelson & Amanda Winslow - Mullenix Ridge & OSS - NIB Awards

Holly Winderl, Kristina Schamp, Sarah Young, Danielle Hosington, Emily Haddick, Courtney Nichols, Stephanie Darragh, Emily Yellowlees & Dana Richardson

This team is currently working towards LETRS certification, which is a highly recognized program for understanding the science behind reading instruction and effectively preparing teachers for structured literacy instruction. Training consists of approximately 120 hours above and beyond current teaching assignments. As they work with students, these teachers are applying the literacy skills they have acquired, leading to high growth. Thank you for your passion and all you do for our students!

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