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No Fees for Athletic Participation

football stadium at night with no athletic fees for 21/22 school year!

South Kitsap School District removes barriers to student engagement

South Kitsap School District is committed to providing equity and access to all students. In an effort to encourage student involvement in athletics and lessen the financial burden on families, South Kitsap School District is pleased to announce that athletic participation fees will be waived for the 2021-2022 school year. In previous years, a reduced fee structure was employed, but the fees will be completely removed for this year. Athletic fees are typically $75 at the high school level and $35 at the middle school level.

The fee change will go to the Board of Directors for approval at the September 1 regularly scheduled board meeting. 

Social interactions are an important part of the school experience and the COVID pandemic has taken a toll on student physical and emotional wellness. Students who take part in school athletics make memories, build lasting friendships, and learn valuable skills like teamwork, leadership, and handling adversity. 

“The benefits of students getting involved in school athletics outside the regular school day are widely known and we want to remove as many barriers as possible,” stated Superintendent Tim Winter. “There are so many options open to South Kitsap students. There is something for everyone and we encourage all students to get involved, challenge themselves, and try something new.”  

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