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November 2022 NIB Awards

May 2022 NIB Awards - Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Achievement, Building Community - South Kitsap School District

November 2022 NIB Awards


NIB is any school district employee, student, volunteer, or community member who exhibits the characteristics of the South Kitsap School District vision of Nurturing growth, Inspiring achievement, and Building community

Amy Baldwin - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Amy Baldwin
Hidden Creek

Our son is in the Functional Adaptive program and the past few years, and Amy Baldwin has been a bright shining light at the end of what seemed to be a never-ending dark tunnel. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are getting everything they need to be successful. The care and concern she shows for her students’ wellbeing and success is like no other SPED teacher I have met.  

Jessica Fraley - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Jessica Fraley

Jessica performed life saving procedures on a student on her first day on the job and kept the student breathing. Jessica is so nurturing and works tirelessly to engage her students with special needs on a daily basis.

Allyson West - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Allyson West

Allyson has gone above and beyond as an administrative intern at Manchester this year. She has helped us get off to a fantastic start. She has developed and presented professional development, supported students, and she makes sure she learns as much as possible each day.  


Erin Williams - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Erin Williams

Erin is our amazing Instructional Specialist at Manchester. The work she does to support our staff and students is commendable. Her energy and radiant smile lights up our building and helps each of us all have a great day.  

Fletcher Horton - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Fletcher Horton
Community Relations

Fletcher is always willing to go above and beyond to assist me with making changes to our online forms and posting information to the website. Fletcher is a great example of the SK Way. Thanks for your knowledge, patience and expertise you have shown me.

Scott Camacho - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Scott Camacho
Safety, Security & Emergency Management

Scott is always willing to assist with whatever is asked of him and does so with a great attitude. He assists with student management, traffic control, criminal activity and anything that he can offer to support other departments and staff members. Scott is always willing to fill in for other security officers when there is need for security support at one of the secondary schools. Scott shows up prepared to work everyday to do whatever he can to make the South Kitsap School District a safer place to work and learn.

Isaac Matsuda - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Isaac Matsuda

We really appreciate Issac-san for always keeping our rooms clean and cheering us up with his friendly smile and warm regards every time we pass him in the building. Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu! (Thanks for everything!)

Deric Garrett - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Deric Garrett

My classroom heating/cooling system has been not functioning correctly for years. I’ve tried to get it fixed several times and it never worked. In the past few weeks, Deric has been to my classroom more times than I can count trying to resolve the issue. He worked tirelessly and was diligent until the problem was fixed! My students and I appreciated Deric’s dedication and determination! Thanks Deric!

Grace Dudley - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Grace Dudley

Grace is great with keeping everything organized and cleaned. She is quick at seeing what needs to be done. She goes out of her way to support me with kind words. She is remarkable with her instincts and wisdom to see what needs to be done.

Andrea Keller - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Andrea Keller
Wellness & Support

Andi is involved with students and staff either before, during or after a crisis. Andi talks with students who may show signs of self-harm, destructive behavior or in the middle of a crisis. She is able to evaluate and recommend community resources to a student to prevent a tragedy or help the student have a more positive experience in the SKSD. Andi maintains a positive attitude when helping so many at SKSD during difficult times.

Shara Nelson - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Shara Nelson
Mullenix Ridge

Shara received three nominations for the NIB Award. She is an amazing person to work with, and she works very hard to create a warm, welcoming environment for her students. We love the hard work and good intentions she has to offer, and we couldn’t ask for a better teacher and learning environment!

Sarah Decker - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Sarah Decker

For going above and beyond taking care of our building and making our students feel important and cared about.

Layna Johnston - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Layna Johnston
Marcus Whitman

Mrs. Johnston is an amazing SPED teacher! She helps all kids reach their full potential; she shows them they can do it all! I’m very blessed to work with such an amazing teacher! You go Mrs. Johnston!

Chelsea Walker - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Chelsea Walker

Chelsea was thrust into a leadership position on our team and within our school. She has done an amazing job rising to this new, challenging leadership role while continuing to maintain a positive classroom environment and successful relationships with students and peers alike. I am so grateful for her collaboration skills, her student/data centered approach, and her all around positive and fun-loving attitude.

Nathan Fox - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Nathan Fox

Nathan performs his duties and more, with a cheerful attitude and constant kindness. We at Mullenix ALL appreciate Nathan and his superb wort ethic.


Patricia Barret - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Patricia Barret
Food & Nutrition Services

It came to light that our application for Free & Reduced numbers were significantly lower than in the past. Patricia met with leadership teams, crafted a plan, communicated frequently with stakeholders, and solved problems to better serve buildings and students. None of this is in her job duties, yet she knew it was important and stepped up to do the work with amazing results that impacts our entire District.

Tammi Gonshorowski - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Tammi Gonshorowski
Cedar Heights

As our Office Assistant, Tammi is the face of Cedar. She keeps her finger on the pulse of our school by nurturing caring relationships with each student and staff member. Often, Tammi’s positive influence makes her a safe adult for students who are struggling, and they identify her as someone who inspires them to be better. She communicates proactively with families and staff, helping to bridge any gaps created by our busy school environment. We are so very lucky to have her on Team Cedar!

Mackenzie Euten - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Mackenzie Euten

Mackenzie has shown such determination, grit, perseverance and patience when presented with some of the most challenging kiddos I’ve ever seen. On some of the hardest days, when furniture is flying and evacuations happen, she is always calm, and always looking for ways to improve. She is more than deserving of this award and to be recognized for the incredible job she is doing with ALL of her kids, day in and day out.

Brenda Ward - NOV 2022 NIB Awards

Brenda Ward
Hidden Creek

Brenda is amazing! She has gone above and beyond to make sure our son feels comfortable at his new school. The care she has for her students is very apparent and I feel she needs to be recognized and celebrated for how amazing she truly is.

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