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October NIB Awards

October NIB Awards - Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Achievement, Building Community - South Kitsap School District

October NIB Awards


NIB is any school district employee, student, volunteer, or community member who exhibits the characteristics of the South Kitsap School District vision of Nurturing growth, Inspiring achievement, and Building community.

NIB Awards Photo of Mandy Wood of South Kitsap High School

Mandy Wood

South Kitsap High School

To say that Mandy goes "above and beyond" is an understatement. She coordinates testing in "normal" times, which is a big job and she did a great job in that role, however this year the state testing requirements are much more complex in regard to frequency and time windows. Mandy is leading the way in making it happen with her planning and creative schedule ideas.

In addition, Mandy has been coordinating the 1:1 Chromebook distribution in coordination with the district, and her communication and problem-solving efforts have been phenomenal.

Mandy is a valued member of SKHS and is instrumental to our smooth operation. Her can-do attitude and willingness to roll her sleeves up and get to work are very much appreciated!

NIB Awards Photo of Food & Nutrition Services Team

Food and Nutrition Services Team

When COVID hit and the world stopped and hunkered down in their homes, the FNS staff stepped up! They jumped many hurdles, revamping the way they prepared and served meals to not only SKSD students but all children in our community.

No matter the weather, they were there for the community, the face of the district, serving with a smile. The team worked continuously with little downtime and no complaints.

If anybody deserves to be recognized, the Food & Nutrition Services Team does!

NIB Awards Photo of Melanie Monagle

Melanie Monagle


Melanie has been unbelievable when it comes to "stepping up" and going above and beyond. Like most departments, Transportation is short-staffed, but Melanie is filling so many voids, it is amazing that she still has the energy to show up every day with a smile on her face.

Not only has she hit the ground running in her new position within the fleet department, but she is also still training and mentoring our new hires in the Transportation office. There is absolutely no way we could do it without her.

Her knowledge and professionalism knows no bounds. She is very detailed and thorough when doing her job or training her replacement. I have been amazed, impressed, and astounded by her dedication and spirit. She exemplifies The SK WAY!

NIB Awards Photo of Christina Gurr of Sunnyslope Elementary

Christina Gurr

Christina (Pip) has been a very flexible member of our Sunnyslope Support Team. On the verge of needing an additional classroom, she set up an entire space and prepared for the inevitable of starting a new class until a teacher could be hired.

Fortunately, at the last minute, this class did not get added. In the meantime, we had a teacher that was unable to come to school and set up her classroom due to COVID protocols. Pip graciously set up that classroom as well and ended up spending the first couple of days with this class.

Pip is the ultimate team player. Thanks for your hard work and flexibility. 

NIB Awards Photo of Amanda Waybright of Sunnyslope Elementary

Amanda Waybright

Sunnyslope Elementary

Amanda has been a very flexible member of our Sunnyslope Support Team. Amanda graciously agreed to open and prepare for a new set of students upon the unexpected retirement of one of our teachers. She tirelessly created an inviting classroom environment for this new class. She collaborated, prepared, and then taught this new group of students as if they were her own.

As we look toward hiring a new teacher, Amanda will continue her efforts to ensure a smooth transition and continue her relationship by working with many of the students in this class. Thanks for your hard work and flexibility.

NIB Awards Photo of School Bus Transportation Services

Transportation Services

From Tawni Wharton in Transportation –
“I am a new member of the transportation team, and everyone has been so nice and beyond helpful. Numerous people take time to check in with me frequently, and I have been made to feel very welcome and appreciated. Despite having an abundance of questions, everyone has been very patient, kind, helpful, understanding, and affirming. As I am new and also see how swamped everyone has been, their collective warmth, friendliness, encouragement, and willingness to teach and help one another has been both appreciated and impressive. It’s a great, very supportive, hard-working team.”

NIB Awards Photo of Richcia Lane of East Port Orchard Elementary

Richcia Lane

East Port Orchard Elementary

EPO’s mission is to ensure that all obstacles to quality education are removed for students and their families. There is no greater driving force to ensuring this happens than our instructional specialist, Richcia Lane. Richcia has been at EPO for 20 years and continues to be an essential component of what keeps our building thriving.

Richcia goes above and beyond her job duties. She came in throughout the summer to ensure we were ready for the first day of school. When we have unfilled positions, she jumps in wherever she is needed. If the staff has questions, she will find the answer.

Richcia has worked tirelessly to build relationships with students and families to make them feel welcome in our building. South Kitsap School District and our community are lucky to have Richcia and her dedication to nurturing growth, inspiring achievement, and building community.

NIB Awards Photo of Hannah Oliver of South Kitsap High School

Hannah Oliver

South Kitsap High School

Hannah is a valuable member of the Family and Consumer Sciences Team. She is always quick to give a helping hand. She has helped every subject team she works with considerably and she has a way of streamlining course content. She finds interesting, modern and relevant activities for students to do in every class.
Hannah knows many students despite only being at SKHS for two years. She builds relationships and connects with everyone she meets.

NIB Awards Photo of Pat Burke Facilities Department

Pat Burke

Facilities Department

From Ellen Kisiday at East Port Orchard –
“I came out of my portable at the right time. Patrick was looking at the uneven pavement and I asked how possible it would be to paint fresh arrows in the back parking lot to facilitate parent pick-up. He asked me to show him. We walked to the back parking lot, talked about what EPO needed, and the very next day, the arrows were painted.

This has helped our school greatly at the end of the day pick-up procedures. I am so grateful that Patrick saw the urgent need and made it happen in the final busy days of summer.”

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