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School Meals For 22-23 School Year

Students in cafeteria at lunch "School Meals 2022-2023"

School Meals

Meals are free for all students at East Port Orchard Elementary and Discovery High School through the Community Eligibility Provision. All other schools will require families to complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application in order to receive discounted/free meals. Standard meal prices for the 2022-2023 School year are listed below:

2022-2023 Meal Prices

Grade Level Breakfast Lunch
PK-5 $2.15 $3.50
6-12 $2.40 $3.75
Reduced Price: $0.00
Milk: $0.50 (Breakfast & Lunch)
Adult Lunch: $5.00

Free and Reduced Meal Application

Qualifying students are eligible for free or reduced priced breakfasts and lunches. The Free & Reduced Meal Applications are sent to all families at the beginning of the school year and applications may also be obtained at any time during the school year at your child's school office or on the district's website. Critical school district funding is dependent on these applications being submitted by families. Families are asked to return a Free & Reduced Meal Application each year.

Completing the annual Free & Reduced Meal Application can additionally connect students and families with discounted fees and community support resources.

Free & Reduced Meal Application

Who should fill out an application?

Fill out the application if:

  • Total household income is the same or less than the amount on the chart below.
  • You receive Basic Food, take part in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), or receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) for your children.
  • You are applying for foster children that are under the legal responsibility of a foster care agency or court.

Be sure to submit only one application per household. You will be notified if the application is approved or denied. If any child you are applying for is homeless (McKinney-Vento), or migrant, check the appropriate box on the application.

USDA Child Nutrition Program Income Guidelines
Effective July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023
Household Size Annual Monthly Twice Per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
1 $25,142 $2,096 $1,048 $967 $484
2 $33,874 $2,823 $1,412 $1,303 $652
3 $42,606 $3,551 $1,776 $1,639 $820
4 $51,338 $4,279 $2,140 $1,975 $988
5 $60,070 $5,006 $2,503 $2,311 $1,156
6 $68,802 $5,734 $2,867 $2,647 $1,324
7 $77,534 $6,462 $3,231 $2,983 $1,492
8 $86,266 $7,189 $3,595 $3,318 $1,659
For each additional family member, add: $8,732 $728 $364 $336 $168

If you have additional questions please call Food and Nutritional Services at: (360) 443-3664.

Free & Reduced Meal Application

  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • K-5
  • SKSD