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SKWay Awards April 2024

SKWay Awards April 2024- background closeup of team with hands stacked on top of each other.

April 2024 SKWay Awards -  Thank you for living the SKWay

Sarah Conner

Sarah's role in HR naturally asks her to support her colleagues but Sarah takes it beyond just supporting them. Recently, several of our HR staff had challenges and Sarah, without hesitation, selflessly offered to cover part of her teammates' duties She adeptly adjusted her own responsibilities to ensure she could handle all of the work. To the outside observer the coverage was seamless. Way to Love People, Sarah!

Love People 

Award Winner: Sarah Conner, Human Resources 

Nominated by: Will Sarett

Derek Mullen

Derek came to Marcus later in the school year. He has been a great person for students to seek out to reframe their minds and be lifted up. He praises the students for all the little accomplishments.

Get Better Everyday!

Award Winner: Derek Mullen, Paraeducator at Marcus Whitman

Nominated by: Melinda Peckham

Syde Vea

Syde always has a smile on her face and everyday is a fresh start. She loves Marcus Whitman students and staff. This impacts students in more ways then she even knows. Thank you for loving people!

Love People 

Award Winner: Syde Vea, Paraeducator at Marcus Whitman

Nominated by: Melinda Peckham

Tricia Etue

Tricia always thinks big picture for our students. She has taken on teaching them science and planning fun activities. She always reflects and is willing to find all the ways to teach and engage our students.

Think Big

Award Winner: Tricia Etue, Paraeducator at Marcus Whitman

Nominated by: Melinda Peckham

McKinzie Goularte

Ms. Goularte’s dedication to the Olalla school community was showcased when she dedicated her own time to reach out to a struggling student’s family and invite them to a neighborhood gathering. This helped the student to make a much-needed healthy connection with others in the greater Olalla community, and laid the groundwork for meaningful friendships in this student's life. Thank you for loving people!

Love People 

Award Winner: McKinzie Goularte, Olalla parent and SK Substitute Teacher

Nominated by: Ted Macomber

We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels they belong and are supported in becoming their best selves. We truly understand the value of a positive, cohesive culture that brings out the best in each of us. Our actions, behaviors, and interactions are all guided by the core values of the SK Way.

The SK Way, is our unique identity and the story of the South Kitsap School District. Each month, we acknowledge and celebrate staff members, students, volunteers, and community members who exemplify our core values.

If you catch a district employee, student, volunteer, or community member exhibiting one of our core values we want to hear about it! 

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