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SKWay Awards February 2024

SKWay Awards February 2024- background closeup of team with hands stacked on top of each other.

February 2024 SKWay Awards -  Thank you for living the SKWay

Luis Cervantes

This year several new students started at John Sedgwick who were not native to the English language; Luis has gone above and beyond making sure these students understand their goals, know where they're going, and feel comfortable in school. Luis has shown compassion, dedication, and citizenship to his peers and has opened his arms to our new students by translating instruction into Spanish, ensuring they understand. We are so proud of the amazing person Luis is!

Great example of Get Better Every Day

Award Winner: Luis Cervantes, student at John Sedgwick Middle School

Nominated by: Ms. DeHoff and Ms. Denison

Kristen Castor

Kristen leads with empathy and understanding, recognizing that true learning extends far beyond the confines of day to day schoolwork. She instills in her students a sense of confidence and resilience, empowering them to embrace challenges with courage and patience that is wonderful to watch. In her presence, they find not only a mentor but a champion, a guiding light whose belief in their potential knows no bounds. Kristen knows how to Think Big.

Award Winner: Kristen Castor, Paraeducator

Nominated by: Brenda Walls at Marcus Whitman

Julia Stiles

Julia loves people. She serves as a steadfast advocate for the unique needs and abilities of each student under her care. With a compassionate spirit and unwavering resolve, she champions inclusivity and equity, ensuring that every voice is heard and every accomplishment celebrated. The amount of energy she puts in to our students is mind blowing. When you watch her with them it is evident how much she cares and how much they just adore her.

Award Winner: Julia Stiles, Paraeducator

Nominated by: Brenda Walls at Marcus Whitman

Karianne Belcourt, Tabitha Black, Elizabeth Stull, & Dominique Huber

We are fortunate to have four volunteer mothers who arrive at school every day prior to students. They put on yellow vests, grab flags and head for the front curb to assist and welcome students. These moms do this in rain and freezing cold temperatures with no expectation of reward. They know that it takes a village to raise children and they saw a potential problem to which they became the solution. They simply love people!

Award Winner: Karianne Belcourt, Tabitha Black, Elizabeth Stull, Dominique Huber

Nominated by: Barbara Pixton, Mullenix Ridge

Courtney Roberts

Courtney assists in serving around 300 lunches each day. She knows students' names, allergies, and preferences to ensure a safe and enjoyable mealtime. Courtney models kindness, and manners as she serves students. She also volunteers for multiple EPO events and activities. This is a great example of knowing your purpose.

Award Winner: Courtney Roberts, Food & Nutrition Service

Nominated by: Ashley Cashman, East Port Orchard

Jessica Hughes

Jessica clearly knows her purpose. She routinely serves over 200 breakfasts and 300 lunches each school day. With her role in the cafeteria, she interacts with every student where she routinely models kindness, manners, and patience. Jessica remembers students' names, allergies, and food preferences to ensure safe and enjoyable meals. Jessica also volunteers at almost all EPO events and activities.

Award Winner: Jessica Hughes, Food & Nutrition Service

Nominated by: Ashley Cashman, East Port Orchard

Rebecka Greene

Rebecka goes above and beyond to serve the people she come in contact with. She works closely with our newest to country and school students and families. Her demeaner, body language, and expressions are welcoming and warm to them and eases any discomfort despite not knowing their language. Her love for these students radiates and makes it a joy to work with her. Her love for these students has her reaching out in multiple ways to help support them in all areas.

Award Winner: Rebecka Greene, South Kitsap High School

Nominated by: Joanne Warren, Teaching & Learning

Karla Beahr

Karla goes above and beyond to remove obstacles to education. She facilitated a coat donation that provided 150 students with jackets for the winter and a shoe donation for 50 students. She coordinates 150 weekly meal bags that go home with students. Karla teaches classroom lessons and lunch groups around skills like friends, empathy, and kindness. She spearheaded our successful STEAM Night and teaches math intervention groups. Karla clearly loves people.

Award Winner: Karla Beahr, Learning Support Specialist

Nominated by: Ashley Cashman, East Port Orchard

Bruce Bullock

Mr. Bullock is a GEM and such an amazing support to staff and students at Cedar Heights. His ability to connect with students and hold them accountable for their decisions, while at the same time being a constant presence ensuring staff safety is irreplaceable. We are lucky to have him on our team!

Award Winner: Bruce Bullock, Security Officer

Nominated by: Kirsten Toth, Cedar Heights Middle School

Morgan Letares

Ms. Letares consistently takes care of others at Cedar Heights, notably sharing homecooked meals for our admin and support team who can find it difficult to take the time to eat lunch. Her positive caring attitude makes Cedar and warm and happy place.

Award Winner: Morgan Letares, Office Assistant

Nominated by: Kirsten Toth, Cedar Heights Middle School

We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels they belong and are supported in becoming their best selves. We truly understand the value of a positive, cohesive culture that brings out the best in each of us. Our actions, behaviors, and interactions are all guided by the core values of the SK Way.

The SK Way, is our unique identity and the story of the South Kitsap School District. Each month, we acknowledge and celebrate staff members, students, volunteers, and community members who exemplify our core values.

If you catch a district employee, student, volunteer, or community member exhibiting one of our core values we want to hear about it! 

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