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SKWay Awards November 2023

SKWay Awards October 2023 - background closeup of team with hands stacked on top of each other.

November 2023 SKWay Awards -  Thank you for living the SKWay

Holly Westerfield

Holly truly embodies "Get Better Every Day" in the South Kitsap High School Math Department. By engaging in professional development with the Teachers Development Group, she opened up her classroom, planned with the facilitator, and was vulnerable to enact a planned lesson for colleagues to observe. Holly went beyond expectations. She is a leader with a growth mindset that is inspiring!

Award Winner: Holly Westerfield, Teacher at SKHS 

Nominated by: Kelsey Patterson

Linda Hess

Linda shows “Love People” in how much she cares for students by advocating for them if they are not having their best learning day. She always follows up to make sure the students are getting what they need and getting back to where they need to go. She is thorough and thoughtful in the work she does. Linda shows a high level of respect for every student and genuine care for their learning and well-being.

Award Winner: Linda Hess, Paraeducator at Orchard Heights

Nominated by: Marissa Diefenderfer

Kim Miklas

Kim's dedication and diligence in working with families to support student attendance is outstanding. She consistently goes above and beyond to establish trust and respect with these families, which has played a significant role in improving attendance. Kim's commitment to “Love People” is truly commendable, and the positive impact she's had on our team and the families we serve is immeasurable. We are lucky to have her as a part of our team.

Award Winner: Kim Miklas, Counselor at Olalla

Nominated by: Amy Sherburn

Ryley Callaghan, Heather Wilson, Abbi Deyoe, Lesley Niemi, & Kristina Schamp

The dedication and personal time that the Assembly Committee willingly invests in creating phenomenal assemblies is admirable. The events create a sense of unity and enthusiasm within our school community. They are moments when we come together to celebrate, learn, and be inspired. The committee’s efforts demonstrate “Know Your Purpose” and make a significant difference in the lives of our students which contributes to the positive atmosphere in our school.

Award Winner: Olalla Elementary Assembly Committee

Nominated by: Amy Sherburn

Katherine Weatherwax

Katherine's role as a police officer is undoubtedly important, but it's her unique impact on our students that truly sets her apart. We especially appreciate her commitment to “Love People” that she shows by coming to Olalla each month to celebrate our regular attendance students. Her participation adds a special touch to these events, and the students genuinely look up to her as a role model. Katherine is a star at Olalla, in our hearts and also as a respected and admired member of our community.

Award Winner: Katherine Weatherwax, Police Officer

Nominated by: Amy Sherburn

Kelly Gettles

To support a student in the JSMS Functional Adaptive classroom use their communication device, Kelly helped the student write a letter to 'Verbal Ace", a YouTube personality the student adores. In response to the letter, Verbal Ace created a cameo video specifically for the student, which Kelly shared with the classroom. The student was overcome with joy, tears, and laughter. The next week, the student was able to send a thank you note to Verbal Ace on their device. Kelly, you went above and beyond showing Love People!

Award Winner: Kelly Gettles, SLP at John Sedgwick

Nominated by: Cherryl Christman

We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels they belong and are supported in becoming their best selves. We truly understand the value of a positive, cohesive culture that brings out the best in each of us. Our actions, behaviors, and interactions are all guided by the core values of the SK Way.

The SK Way, is our unique identity and the story of the South Kitsap School District. Each month, we acknowledge and celebrate staff members, students, volunteers, and community members who exemplify our core values.

If you catch a district employee, student, volunteer, or community member exhibiting one of our core values we want to hear about it! 

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