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South Kitsap School District Summer Projects: Revitalizing Our Schools

Summer Projects Update - Photos of district projects at SKHS, MWMS, and JSMS

This summer has been a busy one for the South Kitsap School District! As the days grew longer and warmer, our dedicated teams have been hard at work ensuring that our facilities remain top-notch for our students, staff, and community. Here are some of the major projects and updates from the past few months:

  • South Kitsap High School Pool Renovation: Our long-anticipated pool project is making waves and nearing completion! Swimmers, get ready because there's water in the pool! The upgrades didn't just stop at the pool; both the boys' and girls' locker rooms have undergone significant revamps with new lining, flooring, and lockers. And for our families and guests, we've added a modern ADA drinking fountain and water bottle filling station right next to the newly installed family restrooms in the main entryway.

    SKHS Pool Renovation 2023
    SKHS Pool Renovation Summer 2023
    New Locker Rooms at SKHS Pool
    New Locker Rooms at SKHS Pool
    New Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filler


  • Refreshing the High School's Third Floor: Walking through South Kitsap High School's third floor, you'll now be greeted with vibrant new carpeting and fresh paint. These simple changes have breathed new life into our hallways, making it a more inspiring environment for learning and growing.


    SKHS 3rd Floor - New Carpet and paint
    SKHS 3rd Floor - New Carpet and paint


  • Music Department Acoustic Upgrades: To enhance the auditory experience for our budding musicians and their mentors, new acoustic panels have been fitted in the band room. We're eagerly waiting for the sweet symphony of notes that will soon fill this optimized space!

    SKHS - New Acoustic Panels in Band Room
  • Marcus Whitman Middle School Track Progress: Our athletes at Marcus Whitman Middle School will soon be sprinting on a brand-new track. The asphalt has been laid, and we're currently allowing it to cure properly before the rubberized top surface is applied. This track is set to be a game-changer for our middle school sports!

    MWMS - New Asphalt on Track
    MWMS - New Asphalt on Track


  • John Sedgwick Middle School's Track Developments: Not far behind is the track at John Sedgwick Middle School. We've finished the necessary excavation and grading and are preparing to lay down the asphalt. The race to completion is on, and we're looking forward to the first race on this new track!

    JSMS - New Track Excavated
    JSMS - New Track Excavated


It's been a summer of transformative changes and improvements throughout the South Kitsap School District. Our commitment to providing the best facilities for our students remains unwavering, and we are grateful for the community's continued support. As the new academic year beckons, we're excited to welcome everyone back to spaces that reflect our dedication to excellence.


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