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South Kitsap Students Advancing to State: Olympic Regional History Day 2023

2023 Olympic Regional History Day Student Getting a High Five From Staff Member

Over 140 students from South Kitsap and Central Kitsap schools participated in the Olympic Regional History Day Contest on Saturday, March 18.  Students showcased their year-long work researching and creating projects connected to the theme “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.”  Projects included documentaries, exhibits, websites, and papers.

South Kitsap had 24 entries advance to the state contest, which will be held at Lake Washington High School on April 22.  Thank you to all the judges and volunteers who helped make the event a success.  Congratulations to all of the participants for their hard work and dedication to the study of history!

South Kitsap Students Advancing to State:

Historical Paper

  • 3rd Place: The Frontiers of Qin Shi Huang’s Rule by Colby Kusche
  • 2nd Place: From Death to Democracy: How the French Revolution of the Late 18th Century Helped Inspire Modern Democracy by Cole Meyers
  • 1st Place: The Development of Insulin: The Great Idea that Changed Diabetes by Amberlie Baumann

Individual Website:

  • 3rd Place: How Gustavus Adolfus changed military technology by Joshua Sherwood
  • 2nd Place: Rosie the Riveter: A Breakthrough for Women’s Rights by Olea Burgess
  • 1st Place: The Federal and Highway Act of 1956: A Frontier in Better Roads by Wren Savage

Group Website:

  • 2nd Place: Contrails and Control: The Effects of Aerial Terrorism on a Modern World by Colin Roberts, Zackary Anderson, and Elaina Lester-Dame
  • 1st Place: The Sky is No Longer the Limit by Ryker Trevino, Landon Riker, Kyle Purves, and Evan Michel

Individual Documentary:

  • 3rd Place: The Television Affected the Vietnam War by Andrew Richards
  • 2nd Place: Mykola Leontovych: The Creation of Shchedryk by Polina Melanchenko
  • 1st Place: Margaret Sanger and Birth Control by Spring Austin

Group Documentary:

Note: There were two second-place entries for this category.

  • 2nd Place: The Manhattan Project: The Evolution of Warfare and Technology by Sergio Mier and David Burtis
  • 2nd Place: The Death of Silent Films by Caroline Wise and Ivan White
  • 1st Place: The Fear of Nuclear Weapons by Ashton Meyers, Ryan Standridge, and Smasee Perras

Individual Exhibit:

  • 5th Place: Native American Boarding Schools “Killing the Indian to Save the Man” by Lyla Lebeis
  • 4th Place: How the Polio Vaccine Changed the World by Emma Nihsen
  • 3rd Place: Rise of Refrigeration by Quinn Allen
  • 2nd Place: M4 Sherman Tank: Redesigning the Battlefield by Ben Fogel
  • 1st Place: Amelia bloomer and the Fight to Wear Pants by Alyssa Hilyard

Group Exhibit:

  • 5th Place: The Art of Surfing by Savannah Browning and Payton Elmore
  • 4th Place: Call Jane: How The Jane Collective altered abortions and women’s medicine by Darwin Powell and Katherine Borne
  • 3rd Place: America’s Shining Girls: The Deadly History of Radium by Marion Wilke, Isla Heinsoo, and Lilly Heinsoo
  • 2nd Place: The Great Emu War of 1932 by Megan Bromm and Olivia Stockton
  • 1st Place: Lives protected, Harm Prevented the Polio vaccine by Macelyn Gruber
  • 6-8
  • SKSD