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Welcome John Sedgwick Assistant Principal Angela Mehling

Welcom to John Sedgwick Middle School Assistant Principal Angela Mehling

We are thrilled to announce Angela Mehling as the new Assistant Principal at John Sedgwick Middle School next year! Ms. Mehling has a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and dedication to the South Kitsap community.

Ms. Mehling's journey with John Sedgwick Middle School began three years ago as a Math Instructional Specialist and Coach. During her time at Sedgwick, she continually demonstrated her commitment to student success, instructional excellence, and collaborative leadership. 

In her current role as Dean of Students, Ms. Mehling has further proven herself as a compassionate advocate for all students. She approaches her responsibilities with care, ensuring that every student’s voice is heard and respected. 

Ms. Mehling's positive energy, unwavering dedication, and student-centered approach make her an invaluable addition to Sedgwick's leadership team. 

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