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2195 - Academic Acceleration

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The board recognizes the need for all high school students to have greater access to rigorous advanced courses, including dual credit programs. To that end, the district will automatically enroll students who meet or exceed the state standard on the eighth grade or high school English language arts or mathematics statewide student assessment in the next most rigorous level of  advanced courses or program offered by the high school.

The subject matter of courses or program in which students are automatically enrolled will be determined by the areas of the statewide assessment in which the student met state standards. Students who meet or exceed state standard on the English language arts statewide student assessment are eligible for enrollment in English, social studies, humanities, and other related subjects.  Students who meet or exceed the state standard mathematics statewide student assessments are eligible for enrollment in advanced mathematics course(s). Students who meet the state standard for both reading and writing are eligible for enrollment in advanced courses in English, Social Studies, Humanities and other related subjects.

Beginning in 2021-2022 school year, students who meet or exceed the state standard on the Washington comprehensive assessment of science are eligible for enrollment in advanced courses in science.

Students who successfully complete the advanced courses will then be enrolled in the next most rigorous level of advanced courses, with the ultimate goal being the student’s automatic enrollment in dual credit courses.

The district will notify students and parents/guardians regarding the academic acceleration policy and the advanced courses available to students. The district will provide the parent/guardian with an opportunity for the student to opt out of participation in the academic acceleration process and enroll in an alternative course or program that aligns with the student’s high school and beyond plan goals.

Cross References:

Board Policy 2000 - Student Learning Goals

Board Policy 2413 - Equivalency Credit for Career and Technical Education Courses

Legal References:

RCW 28A.300.560 Data on college credit through dual credit courses—Posting on website

RCW 28A.320.195 Academic acceleration for high school students—Adoption of policy

RCW 28A.320.196 Academic acceleration incentive program—Dual credit courses—Allocation of funds—Reports

Management Resources:    

2013 - September Issue

2019 - July Issue

Adoption Date:  January 15, 2014

Revised Date: December 18, 2019


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