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6610 - Video Recordings and Monitoring on District Property

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The district authorizes the use of video recording and/or monitoring on district property for the purpose of maintaining the health, welfare, and safety of students, staff, and visitors, and to protect district equipment and facilities. The district authorizes video recording and/or monitoring in common areas on district property and further authorizes the superintendent or designee to determine exact locations for cameras. The district further authorizes the superintendent or designee to install or use cameras to address specific incidents or need. However, the district will not install or use cameras in restrooms and locker rooms.

In general, only those individuals with a legitimate administrative, security, or educational purpose may be permitted to view the video recordings. In most instances, those persons will be the superintendent, principals, supervisors, law enforcement, and other administrators.

Law enforcement unit recordings are records created and maintained by a law enforcement unit for a law enforcement purpose. Law enforcement unit recordings are not “education records” subject to privacy protections of FERPA. Law enforcement units may deny parents/guardians from access to its records or may disclose its records to third parties without prior-written parental consent. However, education records the district may share with a law enforcement unit will retain the status and privacy protections of an education record.

The district will notify staff through internal district communications and students through the Student, Family & Staff Handbook that video recording and/or monitoring may occur on district property. The district may use footage from video surveillance for student disciplinary action. In addition, the district reserves the right to use footage from video surveillance for staff discipline or discharge, although this is not the primary purpose of video surveillance.

In certain instances, video recordings may become a part of a student’s educational record or a staff member’s personnel record. The district will comply with all applicable state and federal laws related to record maintenance, retention, and disclosure.


Cross References: 

Board Policy 6608 - Video Camera on Buses


Legal References:

42 U.S.C. 1232g Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act


Management Resources: 

2018 – August Issue


Adoption Date: September 7, 2022

Revised Date: April 24, 2024


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