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SK Way

We commit to a culture where everyone belongs and is supported to be the best version of themselves. We recognize the tremendous value of a positive, cohesive culture of engagement that brings out the best in each of us. The principles of the SK Way guide our actions and dictate how we approach our work, how we behave, and how we interact with each other. This is the SK Way, our identity, and the story of the South Kitsap School District.

Love People -

We believe people come first and they are the most important resource in South Kitsap.
For people to feel that they belong, they need to feel respected, trusted and loved. We recognize the power of relationships and the impact of genuine interpersonal connections. We assume positive intent and seek to understand diverse perspectives in all interactions.

Know Your Purpose -

We are passionate about our purpose of supporting South Kitsap students from pre-kindergarten through graduation and beyond. We invest in building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students and staff. To do this, we need to be our best as the adults in the system. We build and nurture relationships with parents as learning partners as we walk shoulder to shoulder with students. We are all leaders in the system and take great pride and ownership in our work.

Get Better Every Day -

We believe in the ability to improve. We invest in the success of others and celebrate growth and achievement. We are generous with both praise and support. We lift each other up and do everything we can to prevent others from failing. We are resilient and don’t back down from blazing a new trail of progress and improvement.

Think Big -

We fearlessly strive for excellence while accepting that setbacks are inevitable. We believe that achieving our Top 5 vision requires high expectations and willingness to take risks. We embrace change positively, constantly asking “Is this the best way?”. We set personal goals and team targets to drive improvement. We embrace new and innovative ideas to move us toward our vision.

Attitude of Gratitude -

We are thankful to be part of South Kitsap School District and freely express gratitude to people for the work they do. We are a living culture that builds trust and inspires greatness. Through our actions, we build a sense of belonging and accomplishment. We are stronger together and strive to create an environment that is safe and empowering.