PE/Health Curriculum Coordinators
Elementary: Mike Bray, EPO
Secondary: Cheri Lyman, SKHS

South Kitsap High School PE Department
Focused Fitness Website

Mission Statement
South Kitsap Physical Education is dedicated to preparing all students for lifelong fitness and health.

Core Values

  • Provide a positive and safe learning environment for all students
  • Provide a variety of meaningful and engaging fitness activities
  • Use a variety of assessments to evaluate student learning
  • Preparing students for life- long fitness and goal setting
  • Collaborate to align curriculum with national/state standards to ensure appropriate progression 
  • Provide education to all students using aligned curriculum to understand the relationship between exercise and nutrition
  • Provide exemplary facilities and equipment
  • Employ certificated physical education and health teachers 
  • Communicate the importance of physical education and health with students, parents, staff, and community. 
 SKSD Physical Education Scope and Sequence
Grades K-5  Grades 6-8  Grades 9-12