2020-2021 School Year Information

SK Flex or SK Online

2/23/2021 Message from SKHS Principal Goodwin

Dear SKHS Families,

We are very excited to announce that South Kitsap High School is planning on making the transition to the SK Flex model on March 15, 2021.  Student classes will be the same, however this means a shift of instruction schedule for all SKHS students.  1,552 students with families that chose in-person learning will be returning to campus two days each week, and 852 students with families who opted to remain in remote learning will be operating under the same SK Flex schedule remotely.  

Specific details on the SK Flex plan, including the schedule and campus health and safety protocols, will be shared over the next two weeks.  These important upcoming communications should answer most, if not all, of your questions. 

All SK Flex and SK Online students will receive “live” teacher led instruction two days a week for 80 minutes in each of their four classes with additional access to their teachers on Wednesdays to get extra help if needed.  Those with last names A-K will start off on Monday, March 15, and L-Z will follow on Tuesday, March 16.  A-K will then be back on Thursday, March 18, and L-Z on Friday, March 19.  This will be the alternating attendance pattern for the remainder of the school year if all goes well.      

Building a master schedule that would accommodate all SKHS students in both in-person and remote learning models that allows access to the same teachers and programs was extremely challenging.  We made every effort to be flexible on allowing families who have contacted us to change their selection after the most recent parent survey deadline, however, we had to stop allowing changes the first week of February in order to build the schedule based on the actual numbers at that time.  Now that the schedule is in place, we will not be able to make changes between remote and in-person moving forward.    

One thing that we really want to be transparent and upfront about is our obligation to follow the strict health and safety protocols required by federal, state, and county health agencies.  They will be enforced for all students and staff upon return to in-person learning.  Every student returning to in-person learning must be personally responsible for monitoring social distancing and following the mandatory mask rules.  Families and students should understand that in-person learning and the return to campus will not feel like the pre-COVID days at this early phase-in stage of our return.  That said, I am confident our students have the maturity to meet the required safety guidelines in order to limit the exposure risks that will allow us to stay open. 

As mentioned above, all the specific details will be shared over the next two weeks, including details on our planned Freshman Orientation on March 10 designed for freshman returning for in-building instruction.  There will be an additional orientation opportunity in August for students who are not on campus this spring.

We will no doubt need some grace as we get all the many gears in this giant machine rolling in concert with each other, so thank you ahead of time for your partnership and support in helping make this transition to SK Flex a success for all students! 


Dave Goodwin – Principal, SKHS          


While it was fun to enjoy the winter weather for a few days, we are thankful to see the snow washing away and our buses rolling this week. Staff, students, and families continue to adapt and overcome challenges on a daily basis as we cautiously transition from all remote learning to students back on campus. There is a feeling of hope as COVID case numbers in the community decline, local businesses resume indoor activities, and vaccinations start to become more widely available. 

Happening Now

  • SK Flex students are back on campus at the elementary schools in grades K -5.
  • SK Flex students are back on campus at the middle schools in grades 6-8.
  • SK Online continues for families that chose to stay remote in grades K-12.
  • Small groups of students are receiving in-person special education services.
  • High school students are in full remote learning as they dig into third quarter classes.
  • High school athletics are happening for WIAA season one: Football, Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Girls Swim & Dive, and Volleyball. We are able to watch our student athletes compete thanks to SKHS Video Production and their live stream of the events.
  • The FREE Meal program continues to feed children in our schools and community. 
  • YMCA Childcare is operating at East Port Orchard, Manchester, and Sunnyslope.

Next Steps

While we haven't set a return date for high school SK Flex students to return to campus, we have expanded support for students who are struggling academically. Planning and preparation continues as we prepare to transition our last group of students. There are complex logistics to coordinate staffing with student schedules and SK Flex/SK Online requests. We will communicate with families and staff as soon as more information is finalized.

Upcoming Dates tentative

  • February 22: Developmental Preschool starts on campus at Madrona Heights, Manchester, Burley Glenwood and Olalla.
  • March: Middle school intramural athletics begin.
  • March 15: Season 2 of high school athletics begins for Baseball, Fastpitch, Boys Swim & Dive, Boys Soccer, Boys Tennis, and Track & Field 
  • April 1-2: Elementary and Middle School Conferences
  • April 5-9: Spring Break
  • April 19: Quarter 4 begins for high school
  • April 26: Season 3 of high school athletics begins for Golf, Lacrosse, Girls Tennis, Water Polo, Basketball, Bowling, and Wrestling.

Thank you again for your patience and support.



SK Flex / SK Online Now Rolling K-8
SK Flex students in kindergarten through eighth grade are back on campus part time. High school students at Explorer Academy are also receiving in-person instruction as are some groups of students who receive special education services. We hope high school SK Flex students will be back on campus soon. 



Yesterday afternoon, the Board held a special meeting to hear an update on our Return to Campus plan. We currently have SK Flex rolling at the elementary level for grades K-5. Our middle schools have provided opportunities for students to come to campus for learning and connectivity support. We also have groups of students receiving in-person special education services at several buildings.

We plan for SK Flex students in grades 6-8 to return to campus starting February 8. We will continue to plan on a return to campus for SK Flex high school students after we have successfully implemented the middle school model.

View the full update here



We are pleased to share that we are moving forward with the return to campus timeline. SK Flex students in third, fourth, and fifth grade will start on Monday, January 25. There is snow in the forecast, so please make sure you are signed up for announcements on https://www.flashalert.net/.

1/15/2021 UPDATE

We are one week into the transition from full remote learning to SK Flex and SK Online. On January 11, we welcomed SK Flex students in kindergarten, first, and second grade families back on campus. Our schools and staff were ready thanks to extensive planning and the modifications, safety protocols, and procedures we have in place. Staff, families, and students are adjusting and it is absolutely wonderful to have students in our schools.

Current in person learning and the timeline for future expansion to include more grade levels is dependent on COVID cases in Kitsap County. We work closely with Kitsap Public Health District following their guidance and the guidance from the Washington State Department of Health. Prior to the start of SK Flex, we reached agreement with the teacher’s union (SKEA) on a modified COVID case decision matrix. The ceiling on the moderate range from the Department of Health is 350 positive COVID cases in Kitsap County within the past 14 days. In our agreement, the modified ceiling is 250 positive COVID cases. This means that the expansion of SK Flex will be paused if positive cases surpass 250 in Kitsap County. In other words, students that have already started on campus learning would remain, but we would hold off on adding additional grade levels until cases are back under the moderate ceiling. Furthermore, if cases in Kitsap County surpass 500, we would look at rolling back all students to full remote learning.

As of today, we are hopeful to stick with our expected timeline. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students in SK Flex start on January 25. Meanwhile, remote learning continues. We will send follow up communication next week and moving forward.


1/10/2021 UPDATE

To confirm, SK Flex students in kindergarten, first, and second-grade will return to campus on Monday, January 11. Thank you for your patience and support as we move forward with in-person learning for South Kitsap students. 

1/8/2021 UPDATE

Our return to campus timeline is set to begin on January 11 for kindergarten, first, and second-grade families who have chosen the SK Flex model. The school board and district leadership agree that it is time to move forward. However, the South Kitsap Education Association (SKEA) held a meeting upon member request on January 6 and members voted not to return to campus and remain in full remote learning until staff have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

We are actively working with SKEA union leaders to reach an agreement on a safe return to campus transition as soon as possible. Both sides are working in good faith to address concerns, find solutions, and move forward. We remain hopeful for the start of kindergarten, first, and second-grade students in SK Flex on January 11.

On December 16, Governor Inslee announced new guidance from the Department of Health that it is safe to start the transition of students back on campus https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/FallGuidanceK-12.pdf. Following this guidance, we plan to start with the youngest learners in smaller, socially distanced groups for partial days. Significant modifications have been implemented at South Kitsap schools. Numerous protocols and procedures are currently in place to keep staff and students as safe as possible.

We know this continued uncertainty is difficult for all involved and we thank you for your support and patience. It is important to note that students currently receiving in-person services will not be impacted by any timeline revisions. Please know that we will keep you informed as we finalize the return to campus timeline. It is the goal of all parties involved to find a way to return to campus in a way that is safe for students, staff, and the community.

Thank you for your patience and partnership.


Dear South Kitsap families,

As of today, we are on track to begin our current Return to Campus timeline. SK Flex students in kindergarten, first, and second grade are scheduled to start back on campus on January 11 followed by SK Flex students in third, fourth, and fifth grade on January 25. Middle and high school SK Flex students are slated to return on February 8.

On December 16, Governor Inslee and State Superintendent Reykdal announced updated guidance to the Department of Health Decision Tree. The purpose of the Decision Tree has always been, and continues to be, guidance for returning students to school rather than guidance to close schools. Since the Decision Tree’s inception, the moderate range for COVID positive cases has had a ceiling of 75 cases per 100,000. The moderate range has been the target for returning students to the SK Flex model. The updated guidance raised the ceiling to 350 cases per 100,000. Current case numbers in Kitsap County (164) fall within the updated moderate range. 

Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our staff and students. We have followed the scientific evidence since the pandemic began. We will continue to work closely with the Washington State Department of Health and Kitsap Public Health District as we process the new guidance in our planning and preparation. In the event that we don’t feel it is safe to return on January 11, we will make appropriate adjustments and communicate with you as quickly as possible.

Our Return to Campus Road Map and the COVID-19 Staff Safety Handbook follow the DOH and KPHD guidance. These documents outline the modifications, safety protocols, and procedures we have in place to keep students and staff as safe as possible. We feel very confident that our buildings and staff are prepared for a safe return to school and we are excited to welcome students back to campus. 

Thank you for your continued partnership and support!



Dear South Kitsap families,

We are eight months into life during a pandemic and we continue to adapt and evolve. The current Department of Health decision tree still shows positive case trends in the high-risk category (179 per 100,00 as of November 28). We will continue to monitor trends daily and work closely with Kitsap Public Health District as we make decisions around the return of students to campus. There has been some discussion from the Department of Health about raising the level of the moderate range to allow students to return more easily, but there have not been any changes made at this time. In the meantime, we have updated the Return to Campus timeline based on current case trends, student schedules, and the upcoming winter break.

January 11 – Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade students begin SK Flex
We are now planning to shift our Return to Campus timeline to begin January 11 for early elementary. Kindergarten, first, and second-grade students who selected SK Flex will be divided into 2 groups and attend in the morning or the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. They will be in remote learning on the other half of each day and on Wednesdays. On January 6 we will confirm whether we are able to proceed with this plan.

January 25 – Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade students begin SK Flex

If we are able to bring our youngest learners back on January 11, the next step would be to bring back our remaining elementary students (grades 3-5) with the SK Flex AM/PM schedule starting January 25.

February 8 – Middle School and High School students begin SK Flex
Our secondary students (grades 6-12) will remain in a fully remote learning model until at least the end of the first semester, February 5. This delay has been made to reduce the learning disruptions that are involved when we bring students back. If we bring them back before the 2nd semester, students will have changes to their schedules to meet the Flex and Remote requests and then have to change schedules again at the semester. Beginning February 8, middle and high school students will be phased in on a two day per week in person (with half the students) and three days per week remote learning (asynchronous work). Students would attend on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday schedule. On Wednesdays, staff would participate in grade-level collaboration, asynchronous planning, and connecting with students. We will keep you informed as these plans move forward.

Thank you for your partnership and support. 

Stay well!

11/12/2020 - UPDATE

Dear South Kitsap families,

We are finishing the fall quarter of remote learning. Students, families and staff have all shifted and adapted to meet the challenges of remote learning and we deeply appreciate your support. Our goal remains to get students back on campus as soon as we can safely do so.

COVID Case Trends

We are in daily communication with Kitsap Public Health District to monitor COVID-19 case trends in our county. As of the report today, case trends are 116 positive cases per 100,000 over the past 14 days. This is disappointing news as trends continue to climb and are within the high risk category. The decision tree from Department of Health recommends case trends in the moderate level for at least one week before we can move forward with our Return to Campus plan. Until that point, our timeline will remain on pause.

Communication on COVID-19 Positive Cases

Over the last several weeks, we have had four positive COVID-19 cases among staff members in South Kitsap School District. The staff work at Transportation, John Sedgwick, Orchard Heights, and South Kitsap High School. In all instances, no students were exposed. We work with Kitsap Public Health District on case investigation, contact tracing and notification of impacted individuals. If a positive COVID-19 case is reported within a school site where students are receiving in-person services, a communication will be sent to families at that school. This is in addition to communication done by Kitsap Public Health District as part of their contact tracing process. We will continue to follow our COVID-19 safety guidelines and cleaning protocols at each site for the safety or our entire school community.

Resources for Families

Life during a pandemic and remote learning has been challenging for everyone and we want to acknowledge the burden faced by our families. We also want to recognize the toll on student social, emotional, and mental well-being. The challenges facing our students include:  

  • Changes in their routines (e.g., having to physically distance from family, friends, and community)

  • Breaks in continuity of learning (e.g., virtual learning environments, technology access and connectivity issues)

  • Missed significant life events (e.g., grief of missing celebrations, vacation plans, and/or milestone life events)

  • Lost security and safety (e.g., housing and food insecurity, increased exposure to violence and online harms, threat of physical illness and uncertainty for the future)

  • Breaks in continuity of health care (e.g., missed well-child and immunization visits, limited access to mental, speech, and occupational health services)

The CDC has provided a family resource kit including material for different age students. Visit this link to learn more: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/parental-resource-kit/index.html

We will continue to reach out to you with updates as we monitor COVID-19 in our community. 

Thank you for your partnership. We will get through this together.

Stay well!

11/6/2020 - UPDATE 

PAUSE on Return to Campus Timeline

We are in daily communication with Kitsap Public Health District to monitor COVID-19 positive case trends during remote learning and in our planning to bring students back on campus. Unfortunately, we are seeing a steady increase in COVID-19 case-trend activity (view link). Rates in Kitsap County are continuing to rise and are expected to meet the state Department of Health’s “High” COVID-19 Activity Level (Over 75 cases/100,000/14 days).

At this time, we will not move forward with Kindergarten and first grade students on campus next week. Local health officials have advised us that pausing the return of additional students to in-person learning is the safest choice for our school community.

We know this is disappointing news for our students, families, and staff. We also understand that our families have been adjusting schedules and students were excited to see teachers and classmates in person. Please note that any changes to elementary class assignments with SK Flex and SK Online will remain in place.

This pause does not affect the small number of students who are currently receiving in-person instruction or participating in limited on-campus activities.

We will continue our communication with Kitsap Public Health District and will further assess our Return to Campus timeline next week. We understand time is needed to adjust schedules and families can expect frequent follow up messages as the timeline is adjusted. 

Thank you for your partnership and support. It is greatly appreciated.

11/5/2020 - UPDATE

Dear South Kitsap families,

As we move from all remote learning to SK Flex and SK Online, our priority is the health and safety of our school community. At the board meeting last night, Superintendent Winter provided an update to the school board and as of today, the timeline to start SK Flex for kindergarten/first-grade is moving forward on Monday, November 9.

We continue to monitor daily updates from the Kitsap Public Health District on the rate of COVID-19 positive cases per 100,000 over the past 14 days. The rate for Kitsap County is 66.5/100,000 as of November 4. We will be using Friday, November 6 at 2:00 pm as our deadline to pull back from returning kindergarten/first grade on Monday if the COVID numbers rise above 75. If there are changes to the timeline, we will notify staff and families as quickly as possible.

We analyze data from Kitsap County, South Kitsap, and neighboring areas as many of our staff travel from outside of South Kitsap. Please reference the decision tree below from the Washington State Department of Health which is the tool we are using to make our decision for South Kitsap.

DOH decision tree

Please familiarize yourself with the Return to Campus Road Map. A tremendous amount of work by the entire South Kitsap staff has gone into preparing our schools. The COVID-19 Staff Safety Handbook details the health protocols we have in place and actions we all need to take daily to ensure the safety of our school community. While we have paid close attention to details, we will all need to provide some flexibility as we continue to modify to follow the latest safety recommendations from healthcare authorities.

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. You can contact your school principal or email info@skschools.org.



Dear South Kitsap families,

We have been carefully planning and preparing to bring students back to campus when it is safe. We discussed our draft Return to Campus Road Map at the board meeting on October 7. It is a flexible plan that focuses on the health and safety of our school community and recommends a phased in transition from all remote learning to the SK Flex model. Families will have a choice for each student to either remain in all remote learning (SK Online) or transition to SK Flex when it is offered.

SK Flex – Elementary and Secondary Models are Different see the changes below

Elementary AM / PM in SK Flex

Elementary students that select SK Flex will be divided alphabetically into two groups and attend class in person class either in the morning (A-K) or the afternoon (L-Z). The groups will each attend class in person for a modified half day schedule on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesdays, staff will participate in grade level collaboration, asynchronous (student independent activities) lesson planning, connecting with students, and holding class meetings. Along with frequent daily cleaning protocols, additional deep cleaning will take place on Wednesdays. Students in kindergarten and first grade will be the first groups to transition to in person learning in the classroom. Additional grades will transition to SK Flex over time. 

Middle School and High School 2 days/3 days in SK Flex

Middle and High School students will be phased in on a two day per week in person (with half the students) and three days per week remote learning (asynchronous work).  Students would attend on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday schedule. On Wednesdays, staff would participate in grade level collaboration, asynchronous planning, connecting with students, holding class meetings with the entire class, and additional deep cleaning.

We are starting with training our youngest learners first to teach them safety protocols and practices. Then we will slowly bring back other grade levels as it is safe to do so. To be clear, the decision to have students return to buildings will be based on the science related to COVID cases. We will continue to monitor the health situation and will put the health and safety of our students and staff at the forefront of any decision to bring students back.

Next Steps

We understand that remote learning has gone really well for some families and others are anxious to get back in class as soon as possible. Before the start of school, we asked for your initial choice between SK Flex and SK Online for our planning purposes. After reviewing the Return to Campus Road Map and experiencing remote learning for the past few weeks, we will ask for a commitment for each student in your household. We will reach out to ask “When offered, would you like your student to transition to SK Flex or would you like your student to remain in SK Online (fully remote learning)”. The commitment is for the remainder of the school year and requests for changes later will be dependent on capacity. Please note that SK Flex looks different than it did before. Watch for communication from your student’s school asking for your commitment.