Remote Learning Plan

All South Kitsap School District students started the year with all remote learning. After that point, students will slowly transition back to campus as it is safe to do so. The plan for bringing students back to campus is linked to the left under Return to Campus Road Map.

Remote Learning in the 2020-2021 School Year - Click here for full pdf file
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  • Students will follow a consistent daily schedule
  • Students will have daily contact with their teacher(s)
  • There will be multiple opportunities for students and parents to contact teachers throughout the day during their Learning Support Hours
  • K-12 teachers will utilize a common learning platform, Google Classroom
  • Attendance will be taken daily
  • Teachers will provide feedback and grades for student work and assessments
  • Students will participate in activities during class meetings to develop connections with classmates and teacher(s)
  • Remote learning does not mean that students will be on a computer all day
  • Instruction will be a mix of virtual live and video
  • All teachers and school administrators will participate in training to improve remote teaching and learning

Learning Environment

The South Kitsap remote learning environment will utilize a common learning platform with supporting tech tools. The primary tools are:

Google Classroom
This is our district learning platform that provides one place for students and families to go to find learning assignments, submit materials back to the teacher for feedback, and collaborate with peers.

Zoom / Virtual Meetings
This is a video conference tool to connect students and teachers. It will be used for class meetings, small group instruction, and one-to-one support.

Student gmail (secondary students) and parent email (elementary): Used to message students, parents and/or teachers.

Google Drive
This has online productivity tools. It will be used mainly for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, video editing, and sharing of teacher instructional materials.

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to join daily scheduled meetings on Zoom each day and to regularly log into their Google Classroom to get assignments, watch videos of instruction and submit work. Students can expect deadlines for their work, to work hard, and to deeply engage in learning.

Daily interaction with teachers and courses will help students stay on top of their learning and schoolwork. Throughout the day, teachers will offer Learning Support Hours. During these scheduled times, students can reach out to teachers for extra support and/or teachers may reach out to students to provide additional instruction one-to-one with students or in small groups. Students will participate in discussions around new learning during class meetings. Other tools will be utilized to provide virtual discussion and feedback to and from the teacher(s). Student success will require self-motivation, dedication to learning, daily progress on work, and communication with teachers and peers.


Remote teaching and learning will provide regular opportunities for a mix of scheduled instruction and tasks that will need to be completed at specific times (synchronous learning opportunities) and more flexible instruction and learning that can be completed when it fits into the student and family’s daily schedule (asynchronous learning opportunities). Live instruction might include class meetings over Zoom, direct instruction, small group and whole group collaboration and/or discussions. More flexible and independent activities may include watching pre-recorded videos from the teacher and/or other sources, writing, reading, and other practice activities. These may be online or off-line. Class meetings will be recorded and linked back to your student’s Google Classroom so that students who may not have been able to access them live can watch them at another time. Students whose families have requested they not be photographed would keep their cameras off during recorded sessions.

Student Schedules

Schedules may vary by building, but class meeting times will be consistent throughout the week. The school day will run within the normally scheduled day for your child’s school. The following are the assigned times for the class meetings (at the elementary level, meetings #2 and 3 will be determined by each school):

sample schedule

In addition to the above scheduled meetings, teachers may host small groups of students for additional support throughout the day during the Learning Support Hours. During these consistent hours, students and/or parents may connect with the teachers to get extra support, ask questions, etc. During the Learning Support Hours, students will be engaged in independent learning activities and/or working one-to-one or in small groups with their teachers.


Attendance will be taken at the daily class meetings. Attendance will also be demonstrated through being present in scheduled class meetings, activity in Google Classroom, work completion, and connections with their teacher. Teachers will check your student’s participation in discussions and assignments, communication with the teacher, and attendance at class meetings. If your child has not participated in any of these ways, they will be marked absent. If your child is ill or needs to miss school that day, please contact your child’s school to report absences as you have done in the past.


All grading policies and practices implemented during in-person learning will continue to take place in remote learning. Teachers will assess students frequently to determine progress. Teachers will provide frequent feedback to guide student learning and check for understanding. Feedback will be provided in a variety of ways including, but not limited to Google Classroom, Flipgrid, Zoom live meetings, email, and individual student conferences. Secondary teachers will continue to use Skyward to document grades/scores. Progress monitoring and report cards will go at the regularly scheduled times as indicated on the student calendar.

Special Education

If your student is eligible for special education services, you will be contacted by your student's case manager to discuss special education services during remote learning. We will discuss special education services and how those services will be delivered. The IEP team will be discussing data and reviewing the data in order to develop an appropriate plan to support special education services. The case manager will discuss options and present their recommendation for your child's program and services during the 9-week remote learning phase.

English Language Learners

English Learners (EL) students who are eligible for services will participate fully in core grade-level and content classes. Depending on individual language learning needs, EL students may participate in lessons delivered by the buildings’ EL specialists during regularly scheduled intervention class meetings. ELs will have regular weekly check-ins with the EL specialist to support their learning and language development. As state guidance allows and as identified in SKSD guidance, we will offer a flex model that includes face-to-face instruction with building EL specialist in small group settings.

Highly Capable Services

Elementary: Qualified students in grades 1-5 who are scheduled to receive services in their regular classroom will receive differentiated instruction as available with additional support, creative and critical thinking opportunities provided by the highly capable instructional specialist. Qualified students in grades 3-5 participating in SKSD’s full time highly-capable SOAR classrooms will continue to receive advanced level instruction, critical and creative thinking activities as well as social growth skills from their specially trained highly capable SOAR teacher.
Secondary: Qualified students in grades 6-8 will have access to the honors/advanced level English Language Arts (ELA)/social studies and/or math placement in higher level math classes. Grades 9-12 students in high school may take advantage of AP, College in the High School, Running Start and advanced options at different grade levels in a variety of subjects.

LAP / Title Services

Students who qualify for Lap or Title Intervention will participate in their general education classroom with supplemental small group sessions/lessons provided by LAP/Title staff focused on skill-based interventions and pre-teaching/re-teaching. Priority for reading interventions will be grades 1-3 with K services beginning upon return to in-person school. Grade level and content teams will collaborate with the Title/LAP staff to plan for the implementation of appropriate interventions based on student learning needs.

Technical Support

This link provides several short “how to” videos related to navigating in Google Classroom. You may also reach out to your child’s teacher for support and he/she can get you the needed support:
Google Classroom – Student Instructions (Student/Family Facing)