Strategic Planning

Executive Summary

South Kitsap School District has observed aging facilities for years and recognized the need to update for the next generations of students.  In order to meet the vision of the District – Nurture Growth, Inspire Achievement, Build Community – the South Kitsap School District Board of Directors identified the need to prepare for the growth of the District.  This preparation started in the late spring of 2014, with the implementation of community involved committees to study the needs of the District, including District Boundaries, Grade Spans, how special needs program space is allocated, Technology Planning, Long Range Facilities Planning and Strategic Planning.  These committees reported out in the summer of 2015, and their findings and recommendations were considered by the Board of Directors in the fall of 2015 for incorporation into this plan.

Specifically, the goal of the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee was to address the immediate and future concerns of the South Kitsap School District and community.  The Long Range Capital Facilities Planning Committee held its first Strategy Meeting in June of 2014, consisting of District administration and community members.  The South Kitsap School District Long Range Capital Facilities Plan is the result of their planning and recommendations to the Board of Directors and the South Kitsap community.

The goals of this plan are to:

  • Identify District Needs: Inventory the existing facilities and assess the physical capability of South Kitsap School District’s facilities to support the delivery of district educational programs now and in the foreseeable future. Special attention is given to improvements needed to support the development of the South Kitsap community and school facilities that require repair, maintenance or replacement that, if not addressed, will result in high costs.

  • Prioritize Capital Facilities Requests: Generate a list of facilities related measures that address actual or potential shortfalls in permanent educational space (housing), and identify district educational or support buildings that should be considered for modernization or upgrades over the life of the plan, including planned locations and capacities.  These measures can take the form of new school construction, building additions, site acquisition, program revisions, or boundary adjustments. The purchase of new, or the relocation of existing, interim housing will also be reviewed on a case by case basis to address immediate or short-term capacity issues where the acquisition of additional permanent classroom space, or other planning measures, are not practical or financially feasible.

  • Determine Costs and Develop Financing Strategies: A clear estimate of project costs should be determined when developing the capital facilities plan, outlining major project costs including potential land acquisitions, design and construction, and any contingency or post-construction costs.  In developing the financing strategy, all sources of funds will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed.  The District will maintain a planning dialog with local jurisdictions to ensure that the land use and financial elements are coordinated and consistent.  Should probable funding fall short, the District will reassess the land use element of the Capital Facilities Plan. 

The planning initiatives that South Kitsap School District engaged in were designed to identify the short, medium and long-term needs of the District, to create a better learning and teaching environment for the students and staff of South Kitsap.

A core component of this plan is to address the growing enrollment trends in South Kitsap County. Enrollment projections used in the creation of this plan were provided in an enrollment study prepared by Greene-Gasaway Architects. These projections incorporate Kitsap County birthrate data, cohort analysis, estimated residential construction and in-migration, and long range community growth information.

The Long Range Capital Facilities Plan creates a solid foundation for the discussion of school district facilities planning issues and the challenges posed by growing or declining enrollments. It is intended to play an important but not pre-eminent role within an overall comprehensive district-wide planning process that also addresses curricular, community and individual student needs as they relate to district facilities and their use.  The plan is designed to be revised as necessary to meet changes in the delivery of educational services, emerging issues that revise the timing of capacity projects, concerns over the long-term viability of interim housing in addressing capacity issues, or simply through the identification of better facilities planning solutions.  Capital Facilities Plans do not limit the ability of the Board of Directors or Superintendent to make mid-course corrections in the trajectory of the district facilities planning effort. In the final analysis, decisions with regard to where and when new schools are constructed or remodeled will always rest with the Board, district leadership and the community at large.

While every school in South Kitsap School District is in need of either modernization or replacement, the Long Range Capital Facilities Planning Committee had the tough task of prioritizing the needs of the district, based on a comprehensive study of the existing facilities, their condition and capacities, and the enrollment projections of the District.  To address the most immediate concerns of the District, the principle recommendations of the committee were to build a Second High School, in conjunction with the shift in grade span configuration.  And because safety and security are of utmost importance to the South Kitsap School District, recommendations were made to address the security throughout the District, until future modernization or replacement projects could be accomplished.

While the South Kitsap School District has prioritized the need to address the immediate concern of overcrowding, the Long Range Capital Facilities Planning Committee has also recognized the need for future replacement and modernization projects, crucial for the long-term successful delivery of the quality education with which the South Kitsap community has entrusted the District.  The committee has also made recommendations to replace Cedar Heights Junior High School and South Colby Elementary School, in the near to mid-term future of the capital facilities plan.  Additional modernization needs would be necessary for the long-term projections of the plan, which will be further discussed.

South Kitsap School District is committed to holding high expectations and providing support for the long term success of every child who joins this community.  Every teacher, administrator, and supporting staff member is invested in the safety and security of our students.  With this plan, we will continue to Nurture Growth, Inspire Achievement and Build Community in South Kitsap.