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Our objective is to be customer-oriented and responsive to the needs of our staff and community. Our department is responsible for overseeing payroll, purchasing, accounting, and budgeting for the South Kitsap School District. We are dedicated to the education of children by providing a high level of customer service and fiscal integrity.

Budget Basics

  • Our budget is the instrument that sets forth an annual financial plan for the school district and community goals.
  • Establishes maximum amounts the district can spend for each fund.
  • Provides a means of measuring and guiding performance by comparing planned expenditures and staffing levels against actual expenses and staffing levels.
  • Must be balanced. For example, beginning fund balance plus revenues must equal or exceed expenditures in each fund.
  • Covers the fiscal year, from September 1 to August 31 of the following calendar year.
  • Must be formally adopted by the Board of Directors each year, and a copy submitted to the state.
  • Provides the historical data required for realistic future budget preparation.

We use your tax dollars to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed and prosper in an ever-changing global society. Our annual operating budget is about $130 million. Most of our spending directly supports classroom instruction.

Our resources, equipment and technology infrastructure sustain innovative teaching and personalized learning. 

We strive to be good stewards of your tax dollars. We look for efficiencies and ways to maximize our resources. We welcome your questions and suggestions for stretching dollars. Please direct questions to Business and Support Services 360-874-7013.

Financial Transparency - click linked reports below

December 2020 Financial Report
November 2020 Financial Report
October 2020 Financial Report
September 2020 Financial Report

2019 - 2020 Year End Financial Report
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December 2019 Financial Report
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2018 - 2019 Year End Financial Report
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May 2019 Financial Report
April 2019 Financial Report
March 2019 Financial Report
February 2019 Financial Report
January 2019 Financial Report
December 2018 Financial Report
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September 2018 Financial Report

2017-2018 Year End Fiscal Report
July 2018 Monthly Financial Report
June 2018 Monthly Financial Report
May 2018 Monthly Financial Report
April 2018 Monthly Financial Report
March 2018 Monthly Financial Report
February 2018 Monthly Financial Report
January 2018 Monthly Financial Report

2016-2017 Year End Fiscal Report
December 2017 Monthly Financial Report
November 2017 Monthly Financial Report
October 2017 Monthly Financial Report
September 2017 Monthly Financial Report

ASB Fund Balance Reports (Transactions Pending)
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Cedar Heights Middle School
Discovery Alternative
Explorer Academy
Hidden Creek Elementary
John Sedgwick Middle School
Manchester Elementary
Marcus Whitman Middle School
Mullenix Ridge Elementary

Olalla Elementary
Orchard Heights Elementary
Sidney Glen Elementary
South Kitsap High School
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