Benefit Information

Welcome to the South Kitsap School District family!! The information on this page outlines benefits that are available to our employees. Benefit summaries and rates can be found in our 2019 Benefit Booklet (coverage effective through December 2019) and on the Benefit Plan Summaries page.  The District provides a contribution based on your FTE (hours worked) to help defray the cost of mandatory plans and medical coverage you elect for yourself and your dependents. This amount is listed on your Skyward Employee Access Online Open Enrollment page.

Please Note:  Effective Jan 1, 2020, benefits will be provided via School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB).  A separate Benefit Booklet will be provided by SEBB by the end of September.  SEBB's first annual open enrollment is Oct 1 thru Nov 15, 2019 for Jan 1, 2020 coverage.  Please visit for more information.

To Enroll log into your Skyward Employee Access account and follow the instructions in the Benefit Enrollment Instructions.  You should review and select your plan options prior to starting the Online Enrollment process. Plan options can be found on the Benefit Plan Summaries.

Employees who work 17.50 hours or more per week must enroll in the following mandatory benefits: 

  1. Dental benefits provided by Ameritas. Review the Ameritas Plan Details page (located on Benefit Plan Summaries page) to choose between the High Plan or the Low Plan prior to beginning your Online Open Enrollment.
  2. Vision benefits are provided by Northwest Benefits (NBN). You and your family are covered for the same rate, there are no ID cards, your employee name and social security number is your ID number.
  3. Long Term Disability is provided by LifeMap.
  4. $50,000 Life Insurance is provided by LifeMap. Please be sure to complete the beneficiary form found under Custom Forms in the Skyward Online Open Enrollment module.
  5. Retirement is through the WA State Dept of Retirement. All employees working 3.5 hours or more per day are required to be enrolled in the state retirement plan. Classified employees are enrolled in the SERS retirement plans and Certificate staff are enrolled in the TRS retirement plans.  You have 90 days from your date of hire to make your plan choices.
    • New to WA Retirement: You have the option of choosing Plan 2 or Plan 3. Please review the Plan Choice Information available on the DRS website for help with making your retirement decision. Once you have made your choice you must complete the DRS Member Information Form and return to Payroll within 90 days of your date of hire. Until you make your decision you will be placed on Plan 2 and if you do not turn in your forms within the 90 day window you will be defaulted to Plan 3 option A.
    • Previous/Current DRS Members: You will be enrolled in the retirement plan in which you were previously enrolled. If you are Plan 3 you will need to select your rate option. Please complete the DRS Member Information Form and return them to Payroll within 90 days from your date of hire. Plan 3 members who do not turn in their forms within 90 days will be defaulted to rate option A.
    • When signing your Plan Choice form please make sure to date it on or after your hire date. Forms dated prior to your hire date will not accepted by DRS. 

Eligible employees may elect to participate in the following voluntary   benefits.                 

  1. Medical Benefits - Please review and make your plan decision prior to starting your Online Open Enrollment. The Benefit Rate Sheet can be viewed on the Benefit Plan Summaries page.
  2. Flexible & Dependent Spending Plan - Flexible benefits is pre-tax money set aside to cover any out of pocket medical, dental, or vision expenses. Please select the link to review and enroll.
  3. Deferred Compensation (DCP) - is a supplemental retirement savings program offered by DRS to public employers at not cost. This benefit provides you with the opportunity to invest money through payroll deductions while deferring federal taxes. To learn more about this great benefit and to enroll please visit our voluntary benefits page.
  4. Annuities - 403B's are a great way to set aside money for retirement. Our third party administrator for these is Omni. You or your agent can contact them at or by phone at (877)544-6664. Please visit our voluntary benefits page for more details.
  5. Voluntary Benefits - such as Short Term Disability and more can be found on our voluntary benefits page.

As always Payroll is here to help guide you to get the answers to your questions.
  • Angie Schiffner 360-874-7027
  • Dee Geisler 360-874-7028
  • Laura Ruby 360-874-7026
  • Lalaina Olson 360-874-7025
The links provided are a summary of the master contracts which are available for your inspection at the District Office. In the event of any discrepancies with other materials, the master contracts control. Also, the District reserves the right to change carriers and administrators, as well as benefits. Before any such changes would be made, the bargaining units will be consulted.

ANNUAL NOTICES - All required annual notices are posted and can be viewed in our Benefit Book located in the Benefit Plan Summaries section.