READY! for Kindergarten

Birth to 5: Preparing Children for School Success

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From birth to age 5, a child learns faster than at any other time in his or her life. Those early learning experiences influence success in school and beyond. Data shows students who start school ahead, stay ahead. Learn what you can do to nurture a child's development in their earliest years, preparing their minds for all future learning.

Our READY! parent workshops provide age-appropriate targets and training in the areas of language and literacy, math and reasoning, and social-emotional. Purposeful play and 20 minutes of daily read aloud make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

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Who Can Attend SKSD READY! for Kindergarten parent sessions?

Any parent, guardian, or childcare provider living within the boundaries of South Kitsap School District, can attend this FREE training.

Workshops   -   Virtual Workshop Instructions - English   Español       Current flyer  - English   Español 

READY! for Kindergarten workshops are offered three times each year. Parents and caregivers choose from one of five workshop depending on their child's age and attend workshops three times per year. Each workshop is a 90-minute interactive lesson led by trained facilitators.  During the workshops, parents learn how they can talk, sing, read, and play with their child in simple ways that foster essential literacy, math, and social-emotional skills.

Spring 2021 Parent Workshops are virtual. 
We’re happy to share that READY! for Kindergarten® fall parent workshops are available to South Kitsap School district families via online beginning April 7th thru May 12th. Just like our in-person classes, age appropriate workshops are available for families with children ages 0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, or 4-5. If you have more than one child in this age range, please sign up for each class needed.
To sign up, go to
If you already have an account, sign -in to your account and complete your workshop registration(s). If you are new to READY! complete the steps below. 1. Create an account 2. Enter yours and your family’s information 3. Click on Workshops to register for a parent workshop for each child you have that is not yet in kindergarten. If you have more than one age group of children, select “Yes – New to READY!” for only one age class.
After you have registered,
you will receive a unique link via e-mail to watch the online workshops at whatever time that works best for you. Workshops are approximately one hour in length. Class notes pages are available for you to print from the session, or you can use your own notebook.
Begin your workshop(s).
If you cannot complete the workshop in one sitting, you can login to finish by May 12th (noon), but it does not bookmark your place. You will need to start at the beginning and click through to where you left off. Additionally, you can share the e-learning workshop with caregivers and other family members who interact with your little one.
Parents new to READY!
will start with a brief Orientation followed by their age appropriate fall workshop. Orientation is a one-time program overview that covers all age groups for families new to the READY! for Kindergarten® program.
At the end of the workshop,
you will be asked to answer a few questions, select a time for you to pick up your READY! learning tools, and answer a short survey. Notate the date and time for your tool pick up. Pick up your tools on the date you chose. Parents who are new to READY! will also pick up an Orientation kit at this time. We will follow up with an e-mail reminder and instructions for tool pick up two days before your requested pick up date. 

Questions? Please call Tracy Schneewind at 360-874-7058 or email We look forward to seeing you soon! South Kitsap School District 

There are four date/time options to pick up tools after you complete your virtual workshop(s).  Those dates are listed in the survey/evaluation after you complete the workshop.
Tool pick up will be at 
Orchard Heights Elementary School, 2288 Fircrest Dr. SE - Port Orchard.

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Archived Video Series for Parents and Caregivers of children 0-5,   

FREE - READY! for Kindergarten™ 10-week video series  (Click Here for flyer)  
¡Ready!  para Kindergarten serie de videos de 10

Each week, facilitators will create and upload a new 5-minute video introducing a different learning target and activity for each age group.  That’s 10 videos for each age group -- 50 videos in all! Each weekday, a new learning target video will be posted according to the schedule below. Click  “subtitles/captions” on the video to see subtitles in Spanish.

This video series is open to all parents of preschoolers in and outside of South Kitsap School District. 

Check out Age-group learning target videos at:  

This video series is not intended to replace READY! for Kindergarten™ in-person sessions, but to provide some ideas for you to do at home based on the spring READY! for Kindergarten™ targets. 

Updated 3/16/2021