Thought Exchange

Fall 2019 Thought Exchange coming soon!

Safety Discussion

Boundary Changes

Shared Priority Discussion

Community Engagement

As part of South Kitsap School District's commitment to engaging our parents, students, staff, and community members, we use Thought Exchange surveys to gain a clear understanding of what's important to our stakeholders. 

Thought Exchange was used as part of our ongoing focus on safety and security. We also used TE to round out our Elementary Boundary Review Process. The Boundary Review Committee suggested boundary adjustments that were presented at two community forums. The TE process allowed our stakeholders an additional tool for providing feedback.

Thought Exchange allows participants to share their thoughts, prioritize all the thoughts shared by themselves and others, and finally discover what matters most to the whole community.

TE Process


Please visit this link to view the results. 


Thank you to all who participated. We hope this process will help us to imagine the best future possible for South Kitsap students.