Facilities & Operations

Our Vision Safe, Warm, Dry Kids

Our Mission To continuously improve the physical learning environment for students and staff within the SKSD by using inspiration, innovation and effectiveness while delivery high quality customer service.

Our Values

  • Our People: They are the foundation of our organization and through their efforts, the goals and values of the District and the Facilities and Operations Department are attained.
  • Our Customers: We are customer centered and defined by our ability to create a positive learning and working environment for our district staff, teachers and students.
  • Resource Management: We will always seek to be good stewards of the resources that are entrusted to us by our community.
  • Safety: We will create and maintain a safe working and learning environment in the SKSD.
  • Innovation: We will constantly seek to bring new ideas and innovative approaches to bear on the challenges presented by a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.
  • Our Reputation: We will perform our duties in a manner that earns us the respect of our customer base. We will be viewed as a caring, responsive and highly effective organization.
  • Community: We will never lose sight of the fact that the primary purpose for our very existence as an organization is to protect and preserve our community's investment in our district facilities, and to provide our community's children with safe, comfortable and well maintained learning environments.


The Facilities and Operations Department is comprised of the following divisions: Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Laundry Services, Environmental Health and Safety, Warehouse Services, and Administrative Support Services.

 This hard-working, highly effective team provides high quality customer service to 21 unique facilities district-wide. The team provides the maintenance for 1,216,944 sq ft of building space, including 85 portable buildings and grounds and athletic fields totaling 287 acres.

In addition, the team is responsible for all building and infrastructure contract management, project management, capital program design and development and management of annual improvements in areas such as roofing, boiler replacement and floor coverings as well as interior and exterior painting. The team of skilled craftsmen, supported by there own administrative personnel, perform scheduled, unscheduled and routine, corrective and preventive maintenance for all district facilities, grounds systems and infrastructure. They also provide direct operational, budgetary and program support for the district custodial force.

2017 Custodial Assessment