Board Meeting Schedule

School Board meetings are scheduled at 6:00 p.m. the first and third Wednesday of each month (except on holidays). The meetings are held at the District Office at 2689 Hoover Ave SE, Port Orchard and at South Kitsap School District schools. Board members sometimes schedule special meetings to conduct study sessions or act on issues of immediate concern. Notices of meetings are published at least 24 hours in advance.
Addressing the School Board

The South Kitsap School District Board of Directors recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and the importance of involving members of the public in its meetings. To permit fair and orderly expression of such comment, the board will provide a period during the meeting when visitors may make:

  • Formal presentations;
  • Seek clarification; or
  • Discuss agenda or non-agenda topics/subject matter.

Formal presentations: Only residents or their designee may make presentations. Speakers must state his/her name and any school affiliation. The board president has the responsibility to terminate any statement which is too lengthy, personally directed, abusive, obscene, or irrelevant.

Formal presentations must be submitted to the secretary of the school board, the superintendent, by the Monday prior to the meeting in order that the business may be placed on the agenda. Presentations may be limited to five minutes at the discretion of the president of the board.

Clarification: Individuals who wish clarification during the time the board is discussing a particular agenda item are to raise their hand. When recognized by the board president, the individual will be allowed a brief moment to express his/her concern for clarification

Discuss agenda or non-agenda topics/subject matter: Individuals who wish to discuss an agenda or non-agenda topic/subject matter must complete the front side of this card and present it to a staff member prior to the agenda item (if wishing to speak to an agenda item) or prior to the Persons Desiring to Address the Board portion of the board meeting.

Time allowances:
  • Persons addressing the Board as an individual will be allowed a maximum of three minutes to address the Board.
  • Persons representing a group will be allowed a maximum of five minutes to address the Board.
  • The Board president will determine if more or less time is to be allowed.
  • For more information, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 874-7001.