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Home Hospital Program

South Kitsap School District operates a Home Hospital Program for those students who are unable to attend school for a temporary period of time due to health conditions. Home Hospital is limited to services deemed necessary to provide temporary intervention resulting from a physical and/or mental disability or illness. Service is limited to a maximum of 18 weeks. Weeks of absences may be consecutive or intermittent. The District employs teachers who go into the students' homes and assist them with maintaining their school work. In order to qualify for the program, the student needs to obtain a physician's note stating the diagnosed medical condition, and the estimated duration of recovery. The note must request a minimum of 4 weeks and must have the signature of the medical professional. 

What is Home/Hospital Instruction?
Home/Hospital Instruction is a short-term itinerant instructional service with specific guidelines for implementation. The Home/Hospital teacher works closely with the student's administrator, counselor, and teachers to ensure continuity in instructional services while the student is out of school.

Who receives Home/Hospital Instruction?
This service is provided to South Kitsap School District students who are unable to attend school due to a diagnosed physical or emotional condition.

Why is Home Hospital Instruction Provided?
Home Hospital instruction is provided to enable the student to continue academic work and remain current with instruction while absent from school. Home Hospital instruction can also provide a transitional educational service before a student returns to a regular school setting

How many weeks does a student need to stay in the program?
The student's medical condition dictates the duration of the stay

How long can the student stay on the Home Hospital Service?
There is a limit of 18 weeks per school year. Exceptions may be granted based upon individual circumstances.

How long does a student have to be out of school before receiving Home/Hospital Instruction?
There is no stipulation for the amount of time a student must be absent before receiving home hospital teaching, but the attending physician must anticipate an absence from school of at least four (4) weeks or longer from the date of referral.

What Paperwork is needed for a student to be placed in the Home/Hospital Program?
Prior to service, the student's parent/caregiver must obtain the signature of a qualified medical practitioner who will :
State the student's name
Anticipated weeks of student absence Must be a minimum of four (4) weeks

How many hours of service will the student receive?
Generally, a student who is on the service will receive 2 hours per week

Responsibility of the school. The school will:

  • Maintain the student on the regular school roll and count the student as present
  • Revise the IEP of any student receiving special education services and direct the Home Hospital teacher as to how to monitor the student
  • Provide the Home Hospital teacher with resources necessary for teaching

The role of the Home/Hospital teacher is to provide the most appropriate academic accommodations for the student: to act as the liaison between the family and the school and to help the student remain current with their academic program, including courses needed for graduation.

The Home Hospital teacher will:

  • Work with school guidance counselor to determine classes for home hospital instruction
  • Contact parent/guardian to establish teaching date and time
  • Provide instruction and course assignments for classes
  • Provide weekly progress report
  • Provide grade report at the conclusion of service
  • Maintain communication with school on student progress

Responsibilities of the Parent. The parent will:

  • Present the documentation to the Coordinator
  • Be present for the home hospital session
  • Provide a safe environment for home teaching
  • Contact the Home/Hospital teacher in the event that the student is unable to make the scheduled appointment

The student is responsible for the level and quality of work to be accomplished. The student will:

  • Be on time
  • Bring books and materials to the teaching session
  • Complete all assigned work
  • Work to the best of their ability


Home Hospital instruction seeks to offer an academic program that can realistically balance grade level demand to personal injury until such time as the student can return to an appropriate school environment.


By collaborating with all stakeholders, an individual academic plan will be formulated/implemented to direct the resources of our time and energy toward the most efficient balance of academic requirement to duration of recovery.