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Inclement Weather

School buses in snowy weather.
Inclement Weather Updates

When the weather outside is frightful...

Forecasting the weather for school closures is not an easy task. Our community is large enough that snow may accumulate in one area and not in other areas. South Kitsap South Kitsap School District officials put a great deal of effort and thought into determining whether to keep schools open, start late, or close schools due to inclement weather conditions. Each time a decision has to be made, many different interests and issues are taken into consideration; the primary decision factor, however, is student safety. Of course, parents make the final decision when sending students to school during inclement weather.

School district officials try to make the decision by no later than 5:30 a.m. Sometimes, conditions are stable enough that the district is able to make the announcement the night before. In such situations ParentSquare will be used to contact all families and staff at home.

Shoveling Snow

When are decisions made?

School district officials do their best to make the decision by no later than 5:30 a.m. Sometimes, conditions are stable enough that the district is able to make the announcement the night before.

Snow Plow Truck Clearing Snow From Road

No News is Good News

SKSD will report all school schedule changes to the local news media and post these changes to the home page of the district website. If no reports have been made, the school will begin at regularly scheduled times.

Bus On Snowy Road

When will my bus come?

Bus routes follow the same schedule as our schools. For example, if schools are delayed two hours, bus riders can expect the bus to come approximately two hours late. On the occasion when roads are not passable, the Transportation Department may use alternate stops.


Ensure You Receive Notifications

Should time changes become necessary to alter or cancel the school schedule, messages will be sent to families and staff as quickly as possible. Please ensure your contact information is current in Skyward Family and Employee Access.


SKSD uses ParentSquare to send out all alerts via email, SMS, and Voice. ParentSquare is a simple and unified school-to-home communication platform—to reach and engage every parent, helping to ensure all parents have the opportunity to actively participate in their children’s education. Instructions on signing up for ParentSquare can be found on the ParentSquare page.

Update Your SMS Number In Skyward:

NOTE: Parents who are also SKSD staff members should follow the Staff SMS Numbers instructions.

For Parents who are not SKSD staff members, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to Skyward Family Access (
  2. In the upper right corner, click My Account
  3. Just below the Phone box, choose Cell from the dropdown menu and type your phone number in the next box
    Skyward Account Settings: Cell Phone Number
  4. Click Save button to finish

Updates to cell phone numbers and email addresses may take overnight to process.


Social Media

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Inclement Weather Newsletter

Download the Inclement Weather Newsletter by clicking on the link above. This newsletter is updated each school year.

Staff Reporting Instructions

Download staff reporting instructions by clicking on the link above.