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Rent a Facility


South Kitsap School District believes that public schools should be considered a part of the community and shared with its patrons. The public is encouraged to use school facilities as long as use does not interfere with the primary purpose for which the buildings and grounds are intended. Fees may be charged for the use of school facilities to ensure that funds intended for education of children are not used for other purposes.

Step One :

Review the District's Guidelines for the Use of School Facilities. This guide contains information and instructions for the application and use of South Kitsap School District facilities. Please review the policies, procedures, and specific guidelines prior to applying for and using school facilities.

Step Two :

Complete the District's Facility Use Application and obtain the required Certificate of Insurance . Submit your completed form online and your insurance to the business office by emailing it to Sayre Thompson or submitting it to the building you wish to use. For field and gym use, contact the Director of Athletics for scheduling deadlines, and additional requirements.

Step Three :

Upon approval, the applicant will receive a Facility Use Confirmation Permit . Applicants are responsible for noting any comments made on the permit and presenting the permit to school personnel upon arrival.

Step Four :

If applicable, applicants will be billed from the business office for applicable fees. See the Facility Use Fee Schedule (below) and Guidelines for the Use of School Facilities for more information about fees.

For additional information about facility rental, contact the office staff at the school or building you wish to use. 

For general questions about facility use, please contact Business and Support Services at 360-874-7023.