No Tax Increase Bond and Levy

Ballot measures for school construction, capital projects, safety & security, and technology
Posted on 07/19/2018
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June 19, 2018

South Kitsap School District Board Approves Bond and Levy for November Ballot 

Port Orchard, Washington – The South Kitsap School District Board of Directors has approved two ballot resolutions for the November 6 election. The first measure is a Bond to construct a second high school and the second is a Capital Levy to address urgent safety & security, facility projects, and technology needs at all schools.

The Board looked at ten facility scenarios for future ballot measures at the June 6 meeting. They did not take action and met for an additional Work Study Session on June 13 to further discuss the scenarios along with six additional options compiled by Superintendent Karst Brandsma and administrative staff. The scenarios were developed to address aging facilities, crowded schools and safety and security needs. 

The Board considered extensive public feedback collected through a series of community meetings, tours, and surveys. They were sensitive to community feedback about a need to keep taxes low. The proposed Bond and Capital Levy have an estimated combined tax rate of $1.74 per thousand of assessed home value and will keep the local tax rate at the same level voters approved in 2017. The Board authorized Superintendent Brandsma and staff to create the necessary resolutions and the Board took action at their meeting on July 18.

Two Measures, a Bond and a Capital Levy - $1.74 per thousand total estimated tax rate
25-year Bond to build High School #2   
$184,680,000 collected over 25 years at a projected $1.07/thousand tax-rate
$9 million estimated State Match

4-year Capital Levy for safety/security, technology, and identified capital projects at all South Kitsap schools 
$21,694,378 collected over 4 years at a projected $0.67/thousand tax-rate
$3 million estimated State Match for the pool updates

A stable tax rate is projected with the approval of the proposed Capital Bond ($1.07) and Capital Levy ($0.67) along with the reduced rate of the existing $1.50 Operations Levy. Citizens can expect to see a combined total rate of $3.24 per thousand of assessed property value, which is the same rate as the voters approved in 2017 in the District. School taxpayers saw a 1-time spike in their state property tax collection as the State positioned itself to assume responsibility for fully funding basic education.  Unfortunately, fully funding basic education does not include capital projects like new schools that require a 60% favorable vote of the electorate in the District in a separate ballot measure.

2014  2015  2016  2017  2018 2019 - 2021 
$3.63 $3.68  $3.58  $3.24  WA
Levy  Swap 
$1.07 Bond
$0.67 Capital Levy
$1.50 Operations Levy
= $3.24 estimated total 

Please contact the Communications & Community Relations Office with questions about the development of the ballot measures. The presentations, survey results and information from the South Kitsap 360 events are posted on the South Kitsap School District website at, as well as on BoardDocs, (July 18 Board Meeting) which contains the background material that the School Board considered in making their final determination. 

For more information, contact:

Amy Miller, Communication & Public Information Officer