Special Services Reboot

Special Services Reboot
Posted on 08/28/2019
Special Services Reboot

News Release

August 27, 2019 


Improved Special Services for SK Students
Phased in “reboot” of Special Education in South Kitsap


Port Orchard, Washington- During the 2018-2019 school year, a large committee analyzed special education services in South Kitsap School District and developed a plan to improve support for students at all levels. The 35-member reboot committee was facilitated by Executive Director Dr. Andy Rogers and Director Kimberly House and included teachers, para educators, counselors, parents, nurses, union leaders and others.


The reboot committee based their work on a 2017 WASA (Washington Association of School Administrators) Management and Operational Review along with extensive outreach work with staff and families. The reboot process included three months of research, three months of design discussion and finally planning for implementation. The committee’s recommendation was considered during development of the 2019-2020 budget and will be phased in over time.


What will families notice for service changes? In the past, there were gaps in levels of support and limited academic gains by struggling students. The recommendations revolve around the belief that every student deserves an advocate and the Office of Special Services will be the “I” in “inclusive”.


Summary of Recommendations

Develop a new continuum of services that includes the following programs:

  • Resource Support

  • Academic Adaptive

  • Social Communication

  • Emotionally/Behavioral (KIT)

  • Functional Adaptive


    Curriculum, Instructional Materials and Supplemental Supports

  • Core Curriculum Solution for Academic Adaptive

  • Styler-Fitzgerald Program for Functional Academics for Functional Life Skills Program

  • TEACCH Method for Social Communication

  • Pro-ACT for behavior, de-escalation & restraint


    Adjust model and staffing to enhance high school program options

  •  Increase support for special education students in alternative programs

  • Add co-teach model to English Language Arts

  • Divide Functional Life Skills into smaller classes


    Develop support systems for students on the Autism Spectrum

  • Create a Social Communication Instructional Specialist Position

  • Implement the TEACCH model with training for special education and general education staff.


    Enhance our Related Services to support the effective implementation of our new programs.

  • Increase of 1.0 FTE Speech Language Pathologist

  • Increase of 0.8 FTE Occupational Therapist

  • Increase of 0.3 FTE Physical Therapist


    Increased support for social, emotional & behavioral needs in our elementary schools

  • Allocation of 2.0 FTE of School Psychologist time to support the social, emotional and behavioral needs of our elementary students with more intense behavioral & emotional needs. This will include social skills groups, individual work with students, and consultations and plan development with teachers.

  • Reallocated counseling support for meet the needs of secondary students.


    More information about the reboot committee and their work is available on the SKSD website at https://www.skschools.org/depts/oss/special_services_re-_boot_committee