Unique STEM Training for Teachers

Teachers Receive Unique STEM Training
Posted on 12/06/2018

On November 30, West Sound STEM Network hosted "An Evening of Climate Control with MacDonald-Miller" for teachers in our region. MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, Inc. is one of the top mechanical contractors in the Pacific Northwest region. MacDonald-Miller understands that it’s smart business to invest time and energy into supporting the next generation of workers and leaders, so they’ve partnered extensively with West Sound STEM Network. 

One of MacDonald-Miller’s leading services is maintaining HVAC services in big buildings. They’re experts in keeping us cool when it’s hot out and warm when it’s cool out, which makes them a great partner in leading an engaging discussion on climate control. 

During the event, MacDonald-Miller climate control experts Noah Walker, Casey Williams, and Michael Coffey led teachers through a discussion of thermal energy transfer, building controls technology, and how MacDonald-Miller supports many businesses and agencies in the region.  Teachers built swamp coolers, learned about the physical and thermal properties of moist air, predicted temperature change, and learned how to use a psychrometric chart.  

South Kitsap CTE teacher Jeff Winn said, "I was extremely impressed with the amount of information that was shared with us about evaporation cooling.  I know I will use this information in my construction classes when discussing how to cool buildings.” Thanks to the generosity of MacDonald-Miller, each teacher was given supplies to conduct climate control activities in the classroom with their students. 

“Our partnership with MacDonald-Miller supports us to work with teachers to inspire their students to explore great local careers and get a head-start on building the skills they will need to enter those careers,” said Dr. Kareen Borders, the West Sound STEM Network Director. The professional development evening was one of a series of professional development opportunities West Sound STEM Network and MacDonald-Miller have co-produced.