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Coherent Governance Policies

The Board of Directors is governed by The Coherent Governance model of board leadership, containing four sets of policies: Results, Operational Expectations, Governance Process, and Board/Superintendent Relations. These policies are monitored annually through the evaluation of reports submitted through the Superintendent. 

Results Policies

Results 1:  Mission and Vision

Vision: The South Kitsap School District will nurture growth, inspire achievement, and build community so that every student graduates ready for the future. 

Mission: South Kitsap School District graduates will be:

  • Prepared for career and/or college
  • Ready to be global citizens
  • Equipped for personal success                 

Results 2:  Academic Achievement

Each student will be literate and numerate and able to integrate and apply knowledge and skills acquired across core academic disciplines.

Accordingly, each student will:

  1. Achieve at individually and appropriately challenging levels of complexity in the following disciplines:
    1. English Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
    2. Math
    3. Sciences
    4. Social Studies (history, civics, economics, financial literacy)
    5. Arts
    6. Health, Wellness and Physical Fitness
    7. CTE
    8. World Languages
  2. Be technologically fluent, able to use tools critically, ethically, and safely.

Results 3: Citizenship and Personal Success

Each student will know and practice the duties, responsibilities, and rights of citizenship in a democratic society.

Accordingly, each student will:

  1. Be a respectful and contributing participant in their community (school, local community, country, and world).
  2. Act responsibly and ethically to build trust and to lead.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to work interdependently within a group to promote learning, increase productivity, and achieve common goals.

Results 4: Wellness

Each student will develop skills to lead healthy, satisfying, self-directed, and productive lives.

Accordingly, each student will attain necessary life skills and qualities to be successful and fulfilled individuals in the following areas:

  1. Cognitive development, including critical, analytical, and creative thinking
  2. Physical well-being, including the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices
  3. Social well-being, including the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with others and to function as members of teams
  4. Emotional well-being, including recognizing and understanding personal thoughts and feelings to develop resiliency and the abilities to cope with life’s challenges and maintain positive self-worth
  5. Creativity and innovation, including arts and technology to express themselves
  6. Communication, including the abilities to listen well to others and to speak and/or to write clearly and effectively