Classified & Certificated Professional Development

Classified & Certificated staff, please log in to the SKSD website to see the class registration feature.  

District Paras - ProDev is a new program SKSD will be utilizing for clock hours.  Paras will be able to register / unregister for classes, 
check your competency status, print your schedules, certificates, clock hour reports, evaluation summaries, transcripts and course information. 

Para courses previously set for Spring 2020 conference week have been cancelled.  Classes are currently offered to paras to attain some of their competency standards through  Check your inbox for more information. 

Para Professional development classes close June 19th, 2020.   
Credits will be applied to accounts by July 1st.  Documentation must be received by June 22nd to have credits applied to your account.

Follow these steps to complete professional development: 

  1. Set up a Moodle Account and Enroll in Course. 
  2. Log in to your Pro Dev Account and register in Pro Dev for the Moodle Modules, ELL, or SPED course you will be completing.   

    Pro Dev is just the clock hour/class registration system for SKSD.  You will not physically complete class material in Pro Dev. 

  3. Log in to your Moodle Account to complete the Moodle Module(s).  Each Moodle Module should take approximately one hour.  A maximum of 1 hour credit will be awarded for completion of each Moodle Module that was not already completed by you at an in-district training. You only need to complete the Moodle Modules you have not already satisfied through in-district trainings.

  4. Send required proof of course completion to  Note:  It sometimes takes 1-2 days for your Moodle’s Course Completion page to show your completion status. 

  5. Return to Pro Dev to complete the evaluation for each of the modules your completed. The Evaluation link is located under Pro Dev > My Records > My Courses > in the Eval column click on the icon to complete your evaluation.  

Need help?  Contact Tracy at or 360.874.7058
Updated:  5.26.20

Classified Funds Directions

Application Checklist

Application for Professional Development Funds

Submit this completed application to your administrator or supervisor for signature and forward it to the Professional Development Committee Chairperson.


SKSD Classified Staff Mini Grant Application - Currently there are no district funds available for classified professional development. 

Updated 4.13.20


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