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SKWay Awards January 2024

SKWay Awards October 2023 - background closeup of team with hands stacked on top of each other.

January 2024 SKWay Awards -  Thank you for living the SKWay

Ted Macomber

Ted shows support for staff at Olalla Elementary on a daily basis. He steps in and finds solutions when issues arise. For example, he recently responded to a problem with the Music Room sound system and provided a replacement. I appreciate Ted’s continued leadership, thoughtful partnership, and support.

Great example of Knowing Your Purpose.

Award Winner: Ted Macomber, Principal at Olalla Elementary

Nominated by: Leslie Niemi

Marianne Brandal

Marianne is one of a kind! She lives the SK Way and embodies the statement, "We lift each other up and do everything we can to prevent others from failing." She doesn't have to be asked to step in and support, she just naturally knows when and how she can and she never hesitates to do so. Her passion, positivity, and work ethic help everyone around her get better every day. Thank you Marianne for your dedication to the South Kitsap School District and the SK Way!

Award Winner: Marianne Brandal, Executive Assistant in HR

Nominated by: Will Sarett

We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels they belong and are supported in becoming their best selves. We truly understand the value of a positive, cohesive culture that brings out the best in each of us. Our actions, behaviors, and interactions are all guided by the core values of the SK Way.

The SK Way, is our unique identity and the story of the South Kitsap School District. Each month, we acknowledge and celebrate staff members, students, volunteers, and community members who exemplify our core values.

If you catch a district employee, student, volunteer, or community member exhibiting one of our core values we want to hear about it! 

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