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SKWay Awards March 2024

SKWay Awards March 2024- background closeup of team with hands stacked on top of each other.

March 2024 SKWay Awards -  Thank you for living the SKWay

Kate Sherwood, Emma Brady, Mackenzie Sampson, Cassie Freeze, Sofia Kimery, Mia Colby, JJ Terlaje, Benji Levingston, Caige Alamos, Ethan McNutt, Charles Matthews, and Tavin Archut

These students volunteered as camp counselors at South Colby’s 5th grade Camp. They each showed aspects of the SK Way in how they interacted with campers. They exhibited leadership with purpose, positivity, kindness, gratitude, getting better each day, and overall love for people. We are proud of them as students and as leaders in our school community. Thank you, students!

Great example of Get Better Every Day

Award Winner: South Kitsap High School students: Kate Sherwood, Emma Brady, Mackenzie Sampsan, Cassie Freeze, Sofia Kimery, Mia Colby, JJ Terlaje, Benji Levingston, Caige Alamos, Ethan McNutt, Charles Matthews, and Tavin Archut 

Nominated by: Anna Munson

Courtney Cook & Amanda McIntyre

Courtney and Amanda are wonderful humans and teachers in many ways. They have real commitment to our students and their 5th Grade Camp experience. Camp is a right of passage at South Colby and the passion and energy these teachers put into the experience demonstrate their commitment to their PURPOSE in this profession, GETTING BETTER EACH DAY, and their LOVE of students.

Know Your Purpose

Award Winner: Courtney Cook and Amanda McIntyre, South Colby Elementary

Nominated by: Anna Munson

Beth Hatlestad

As a result of Beth’s exceptional effort, we witnessed a transformation in specific student's attitudes towards school. What was once a struggle became a source of excitement and enthusiasm. The impact of Beth’s genuine connections extends far beyond the classroom, shaping the lives of Burley students and their families in profound ways. This is exactly what loving people and knowing your purpose is all about. Thank you, Beth!

Love People / Know Your Purpose

Award Winner: Beth Hatlestad, Burley Glenwood Elementary

Nominated by: Joey Kollatukudy

Lindsey Foster

Most in the Port Orchard community are well aware that the SKHS Boys Basketball Coach, Anthony Lewis, was severely injured in a random crime on February 25th. South Kitsap Athletic Director, Lindsey Foster, displayed the highest level of compassion and caring for Anthony possible. It was truly impressive, and her efforts are ongoing. Her leadership and timely communication were critical in our ability to organize support for his past and current players on short notice.

Love People

Award Winner: Lindsey Foster, South Kitsap High School

Nominated by: Dave Goodwin

Alexa Prince-Kolb

Alexa is an incredible help in the classroom and watching her work with students shows how powerful connections can encourage academic success. She has made it a point to get to know each student and recognizes every win- big or small.

Thank you, Alexa for everything you do everyday.

Attitude of Gratitude

Award Winner: Alexa Prince-Kolb, Marcus Whitman Middle School

Nominated by: Napua Kellogg

Dallas Brandy

It has been a privilege to watch Dallas thrive over the course of the last two years. He has been an exemplar role model for his peers this year. A few months into this school year he spoke to me about becoming a mentor. Our mentors work with 6th grade students to foster a sense of school spirit and personal pride. He has been an incredible mentor and goes above and beyond at any event he volunteers for. Thank you, Dallas. You are truly a trailblazer.

Know Your Purpose

Award Winner: Student at Marcus Whitman Middle School, Dallas Brandy

Nominated by: Napua Kellogg

We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels they belong and are supported in becoming their best selves. We truly understand the value of a positive, cohesive culture that brings out the best in each of us. Our actions, behaviors, and interactions are all guided by the core values of the SK Way.

The SK Way, is our unique identity and the story of the South Kitsap School District. Each month, we acknowledge and celebrate staff members, students, volunteers, and community members who exemplify our core values.

If you catch a district employee, student, volunteer, or community member exhibiting one of our core values we want to hear about it! 

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