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Joint Statement of Civility and Respect

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January 28, 2022

Joint Statement of Civility and Respect

The South Kitsap School District is the heart of the South Kitsap community. Staff, students, families, and community members collectively determine what we stand for – that is the SK Way.

Each of us hold tremendous power in our daily interactions. The words we choose and the way we treat each other matter. We want our students to treat others with respect, kindness, and dignity and that same expectation should apply to the adults in our community as well. In the district, we believe in focusing on student success by embracing diversity and ensuring mutual respect. These beliefs must stretch beyond the classroom into our homes and into our community.

When we witness or take part in a hurtful exchange, it is easy to brush it off and think that the actions or beliefs of a few do not represent our community as a whole. Instead, we must acknowledge our differences. Our unique backgrounds, viewpoints, and stories are what make us who we are as individuals. They are also what make us who we are as a community. Let us strive to listen, seek to understand, and identify what we have in common.

Regardless of our differences, it is the responsibility of us all to show civility, respect and kindness to each other. Finding common ground may be difficult, but it is essential in order to grow and work together effectively. Only then, can we hope to move forward in a positive way.

Together we are South Kitsap!


Tim Winter, Superintendent
Jeffrey Wilson, Board President
John Richardson, SKEA President
Jacque Meddles, PSE President
Troy Grub, SEIU President
Barbara Pixton, SKAP
LaRae Madison, Coaches Association

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