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May 2022 NIB Awards

May 2022 NIB Awards - Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Achievement, Building Community - South Kitsap School District

May 2022 NIB Awards


NIB is any school district employee, student, volunteer, or community member who exhibits the characteristics of the South Kitsap School District vision of Nurturing growth, Inspiring achievement, and Building community

May NIB Awards - Coach Charlie Brown - John Sedgwick

Coach Charlie Brown
John Sedgwick

Coach Brown has gone above and beyond creating a family atmosphere with the John Sedgwick volleyball team. Nearly 90 girls turned out for about 30 spots and even with that stressful situation Coach Brown kept it positive during tryouts. Girls left knowing they were valued whether they made the team or not. She pushes both the competitive and fun sides of sports and her team is doing great with her as their leader. The best part is she doesn’t just focus on star players or even on just varsity players. At practice, Coach Brown works with all players at all levels. Coach Brown keeps everyone wanting to come to practices and games not just because we love volleyball, but because we love the atmosphere she has created.

May NIB Awards - Katie Million - John Sedgwick

Katie Million
John Sedgwick

Katie has gone above and beyond is helping me be successful as I stepped in to cover a staff member on leave. She regularly answers my questions about programs and helps me in all aspects of teaching. She has also helped with providing support materials and communication. Katie has been a friend and a source of encouragement and support along the way.

May NIB Awards - Jennifer Grams - John Sedgwick

Jennifer Grams
Marcus Whitman

Mrs. Grams is the hardest working person I have ever met. She is an amazing mother and teacher. She seems to be always on the clock working hard for the staff and students at Marcus Whitman Middle School. Jennifer goes above and beyond for her Special Education Team and for The Sunshine Club.  Mrs. Grams is always there for others and is willing to listen and help out when she can! She finds a way to connect with her students and staff. I am very luck to be able to work with this amazing woman everyday.



May NIB Awards - David Musselman - John Sedgwick

David Musselman
John Sedgwick

A student named Annalise was sucking on a sucker when she inhaled part of the sucker and it got stuck in her throat! Thankfully, another student noticed Annalise was struggling and couldn’t breathe and yelled out for Mr. Musselman. He promptly ran over to her and performed the Heimlich three times until the sucker was dislodged! We are extremely grateful for his attentiveness and quick response to the student’s distress!

May NIB Awards - Michele Standridge - Hidden Creek

Michele Standridge
Hidden Creek

Michele goes above and beyond each and every day!

She meets with out Kindergartners even though it is not part of her job. She takes time out of her day to help our students who need extra help. She is amazing to work with and does more then she needs to without question. She is joyful and makes our days better when around her! She works so hard and does it with a smile.

May NIB Awards - Jamie Patterson - Volunteer Cedar Heights

Jamie Patterson
Volunteer - Cedar Heights

Jamie has managed the Cedar Heights Parent Facebook page for the past 8-9 years.  She began when her son was a middle schooler and continues to manage the page.  She actively monitors conversations ensuring they remain productive, sharing essential information, answering questions, and sharing potential concerns with school administrators.  Our presence in the community is enhanced because of her efforts as she serves as an essential link and communicator between the school and the Cedar heights Community.  We are lucky to have her support.

May NIB Awards - Marguerite Villalva - Marcus Whitman

Marguerite Villalva
Marcus Whitman

Marguerite is the glue that holds Marcus Whitman Middle School together! Without this amazingly wonderful South Kitsap employee helping, caring and guiding our front office(and school) we would be in trouble! Marguerite always lends a hand whenever anyone needs anything! She knows our school inside and out and if on the off chance that she doesn't know how to help, she will guide us to others who can. Thank you, Marguerite!

May NIB Awards - Joan Melcher - East Port Orchard

Joan Melcher
East Port Orchard

Joan Melcher is one of East Port Orchard's biggest unsung heroes. She's been one of the strongest supportive and uplifting pillars of the building for many years - for staff members as well as students.

She not only is always  going above in her own position as a resource para-educator, but she extends herself to support in other areas of need as well .

Joan is a virtuoso of problem solving. Everyday, she quietly works - first one in, last one to leave, to do the little extras that make everything run a little more smoothly for all. She's generous with her time, effort and assistance. She is a favorite to the students she serves, and she has a brilliant sense of humor. She's the epitome of an NIB recipient.

May NIB Awards - Taylor Tubberville - Student at John Sedgwick

Taylor Tubberville
John Sedgwick Student

Taylor continually goes above and beyond to build community at John Sedgwick Middle School. She can be always be found supporting her fellow students with kind words and acts of service. It is an honor to work with her, and all of the staff here are proud of her kindness and desire to go out of her way to support others.

May NIB Awards - Dirk Sexton - Information Technology

Dirk Sexton
Information Technology

Dirk Sexton works in our IT Dept as a Web Application Development Specialist. Last year, he began designing a Transportation App called SKGO. This Driver app originally started as a way for Drivers to communicate to our Transportation office when they sign on/off for work as part of our Covid-19 social distancing protocols.

Over the course of this year, Dirk has improved and streamlined the app using feedback from Drivers and Staff. These improvements significantly improve our internal communications and provides critical information used by the entire Transportation Department.  Dirk exemplifies what it means to support a Top 5 District through his dedication to our Students Success and his Commitment to Excellence. Well done, Dirk!

May NIB Awards - Braden Simoncic - SKHS Student

Braden Simoncic
SKHS Student

Braden took initiative to remove trash and cardboard debris from the roadway while he was departing the bus. Braden’s thoughtfulness and willingness to help his community are exactly what we like to see in South Kitsap students. Thank you, Braden for your initiative and citizenship!

May NIB Awards - Dezerae Cave and Whitney May - John Sedgwick

Dezerae Cave & Whitney may
John Sedgwick

Whitney and Dezerae consistently go above and beyond to support students with diverse learning needs. They create inclusive environments in their classrooms with ways for students to transition smoothly. They’ve created a variety of ways for students to access content, embedding support and modifying assignments as needed, all while supporting a positive learning environment. Well done!

May NIB Awards - Stephanie Combs - Explorer

Stephanie Combs

At Explorer Academy each staff member wears many hats.  Stephanie Combs stands out as an integral part of our team. She coordinates Pearson web-based classes for our district and maintains over 900 classes per year at Explorer Academy.

Stephanie is amazing. She grades over 50 classes, that are offered on-line, in any school year. She is also an advisor that is deeply invested in her students. She creates relationships with each family and helps them navigate their last few years of high school.

Finally, she has become the instructor for our new advisory classes for our high school students. She is creative and constantly looking for way to bring industry partners to our students like our first annual Career Day. We are very fortunate to have Stephanie at Explorer.

May NIB Awards - Laura Osborne - EPO PTA

Laura Osborne
East Port Orchard PTA

Laura is the East Port Orchard PTA. Even with the challenges during the pandemic, she found a way to lift the spirits of staff and students, help brighten the school atmosphere, and organize opportunities for students and families to participate in engaging activities.

She is a full-time working mother of two, Wow! EPO would be lost without her. Laura is the epitome of what South Kitsap stands for - At EPO she nurtures growth, inspires achievement, and builds community in a big, big way!

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