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Water Classes Go To Keta Legacy and Chico Salmon Park

Photo Collage of SKHS students learning about salmon at Keta Legacy and Chico Salmon Park
SKHS Oceanography, AP Environmental, and Aquaculture students joined forces on November 9th to look for salmon at Keta Legacy and Chico Salmon Park. 47 students began the day at Keta Legacy's Rhododendron Forest to see Chum Salmon and discuss the importance of salmon to the environment. They learned about the salmon spawning cycle, where female salmon lay thousands of eggs that are fertilized by male salmon. Spawning can occur in spring, summer, fall or winter and depends on the salmon species. Students also learned that adult salmon die after they create their nest, called a Redd, and their bodies provide nutrients for the freshwater ecosystem as well as providing a food source for predators. Students also learned about restoration projects and how they're an important part of helping salmon thrive.
A special thanks to Keta Legacy Rhododendron Forest and specifically Katha Miller and all volunteers, Chico Salmon Park and all volunteers, Pat Kirschbaum and Kitsap Public Works Stormwater Division, SKSD Transportation bus driver Tina, and our chaperones: Justin Mansavage, Jordan Bigelow, Mrs. Cook's mom.
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