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Tax Dollars at Work

It takes a village to support to South Kitsap School District. We appreciate the partnership and support of the South Kitsap community as we work together to nurture growth, inspire achievement, and build community. All South Kitsap schools are more than 30 years old and require constant maintenance and repairs to keep students and staff warm, safe, and dry.  
This page contains examples of repairs, improvements, and projects funded by taxpayer dollars. The projects may be capital levy funded or part of the South Kitsap School District general operating budget. SKSD does not have an existing capital bond.

Capital Project Samples

accessible pathway improvement at Burley Glenwood

2022 - new ADA pathway to lower playfield at Burley Glenwood Elementary.

Burley Glenwood portable building

2021 - Portables across the South Kitsap School District received upgrades including roofing, siding repairs and ramp/stair replacement. The portables are located at the following schools: South Kitsap High School, Cedar Heights, Burley Glenwood, Hidden Creek, Manchester, and South Colby

ADA parking at Administration Office

2021 - ADA parking area upgraded at the SKSD Administration Office. Sidewalk and entry walkway repaved to repair safety issues. 

ADA parking at EPO

2021 - ADA parking area upgraded at EPO. Sidewalk, ramp, and curbing repaired.

SKHS restroom remodel

2021 - Six restrooms facilities were renovated at South Kitsap High School to improve ADA compliance and update all finishes. 

2021 - Parking lot refresh at SKHS

2021 - Lower playfield access renovation

2021 - ADA Compliant ramps and lifts added to SKHS

2021 - Play structures were replaced at several schools

2021 - SKHS Gymnasium Floor Refresh

2020 - Roof repair work completed at Sunyslope and the District Office.

2020 - Gym Floor Updates at Marcus Whitman

2019 - Roof replacement at John Sedgwick and Marcus Whitman

2019 - Skylight replacement at John Sedgwick and Marcus Whitman

2019 - Improvements to Olalla Triangle Park

2019 - Manchester Courtyard Garden Refresh

2019 - Kitchen Renovation for Discovery

2019 - A new big toy was installed at Sunnyslope Elementary

2017 - SKSD Facilities repair and re-pave parking lots at Administration Building

2017 - New cinders added to the track at Cedar Heights Middle School.

2017 - SKSD Facilities and Operations staff works on vandalism repair throughout the year.

New lockers added to John Sedgwick, Cedar Heights, and Marcus Whitman Middle Schools

2018 - Eight large and four special needs buses were purchased and added to the SK Transportation Fleet.

2018 - SK Community Pool receives emergency repairs.

2018 -Landscaping and maintenance refreshed at SKHS

2018 - Modular buildings add six classrooms at South Kitsap High School.

2018 - Field renovation improves drainage for the SKHS Baseball field.

2018 - Track & Field House added at SKHS.

2018 - The Fastpitch and Baseball dugouts received a face-lift.

2018 - Modular replacement building at Sunnyslope Elementary adds four classrooms

2019 - A permanent home run fence was added to the SKHS Fastpitch field.

2019 - Repairs and upgrades planned for the elevator at SKHS.

2019 -  The SKHS gym floors shine thanks to recent refinishing.

2019 - Rain shelter added at Mullenix Ridge to keep students dry while waiting for pick up.

Safety & Security Projects

Wheelchair lift at SKHS

2021 - Installed three new wheelchair lifts at SKHS. One vertical lift in the commons projects area, a new stairlift at the Fitness Center, and replaced the existing lift in the locker rooms.

2020 - Security cameras enhance campus safety at Marcus, Cedar, and John Sedgwick

2019 - Secure access system added to middle schools

2018 - Fire Alarm System replaced at SKHS

2019 - Aluminum access ramps replaced rotten wooden ramps on modular classrooms.

2019 - Concrete sidewalk added near portables at Sunnyslope Elementary.

2018 - Secure entrances at SKHS enhance campus safety.

2018 - Sidewalk tripping hazard repaired at Manchester Elementary

2018 - Intercom system enhances safety at SKHS

Technology Projects

2020 - New Intercom Systems at EPO an SKHS

2019 - Interactive projectors aid innovative teaching in middle and high school classrooms.

Electronic reader board enhances District communications.

piggy bank with coins

Current Levies

In 2018, voters approved a Capital Projects Levy. This levy expires in 2022.

Capital Levy 2018

In 2021, voters renewed the Enrichment Levy otherwise known as the Educational Programs & Operations Levy. Collection takes place 2022-2025.

EPO Levy 2021

Projects by School