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Risk Management

South Kitsap School District is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, staff and community. Business and Support Services is responsible for insurance, liability and property claims, insurance certificates, accident prevention, loss control, workers' compensation and safety programs. All employees should take reasonable and appropriate steps to reduce hazards and comply with good risk management practices.

Accident / Incident Reporting

Accidents and incidents must be reported within 24 hours. Please report accidents, incidents, and/or injuries to a supervisor and complete Employee Incident Report available in the Forms Library. By doing so within 24 hours, our District Safety Officer, can investigate, identify, and correct any unsafe condition that may exist. Call Safety, Security and Emergency Management for further assistance.

Workers’ Compensation Program

South Kitsap School District is self insured for workers' compensation. Our workers compensation program is provided through the District’s membership in a trust with other school districts through Olympic ESD 114. To file a workers' compensation claim for a work-related injury or occupational disease (involving medical attention), please view the process here . Questions about the workers' compensation program should be directed to Landa Fuchs in Business and Support Services, at 874-7013.

Safety Committees

Each school/department has a safety committee that meets on a regular basis during the school year. These safety committees include both employee-elected and employer-selected members. Safety concerns related to a specific school or department should be referred to the appropriate committee. A list of representatives for each building/department safety committee is available from the Facilities and Operations Department, at 874-6000.

Safety Bulletin Boards

Each District building maintains a safety bulletin board that includes safety bulletins, safety newsletters, safety posters, accident statistics, and other safety education material.  

Safety Training - SafeSchools

This online training is provided for our staff through the District's self insured Workers' Compensation Trust. Here staff can take mandatory training, plus additional optional courses. Training is available in the areas of emergency management, environmental issues, health, human resources, nutrition services, District policy, security, social and behavioral issues, and transportation. Click here to begin training.

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Available within the online Forms Library .

For more information or questions about risk management, please Business and Support Services at 874-7013.