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Chromebook Fines

Chromebooks are loaned to students and remain the property of the South Kitsap School District (SKSD).

Just like textbooks, team uniforms, and other school property issued to students for school purposes, there is a responsibility to care for and return the property in good condition. We know accidents or loss may happen, even when students do their best to take care of their devices.


All SKSD owned devices must be returned. Students leaving the SKSD, regardless of the time of the year, must return the device to the school. As part of the return/check-in procedures, the Chromebook will be inspected to assure that it is functioning and not damaged. If a student leaves the district but does not return the device, they will be fined for the full replacement cost, and standards rules for the restriction of records and transcripts would apply.


Unexpected problems do occur with the devices that are not the fault of the user (Chromebook crashes, software errors, etc.). Each school has a designated contact in their building, usually the school's Technology Liaison. School staff can direct students to who that individual is in each school. Do not attempt to repair the Chromebook yourself or bring to an outside computer shop for repair.

Damaged or Lost Chromebooks

If the Chromebook and/or charger are damaged, the student or parent will notify a staff member immediately.

  • Students may be issued a loaner device from the building’s library while the Chromebook is repaired.
  • Students will be assessed a fine according to the Chromebook Damage & Repair Cost section below.

If the Chromebook is stolen, parents/guardians will notify local law enforcement to file a police report and contact a building administrator.


To limit interruptions in learning, students may receive a "loaner" device while a Chromebook is serviced or repaired.


Accidents do happen, however there is a difference between an accident and negligence. Damage to Chromebooks can fall into several categories as outlined below.

A reasonable effort will be made to repair a damaged Chromebook. We strive to make the process for repair costs fair and equitable.

Accidental damage includes situations where a device experiences a sudden and unexpected damage from an outside force.

  • Students with the Chromebook Protection Plan will pay the appropriate amount based on number incidents this school year

  • Students without the Chromebook Protection Plan will pay the appropriate fee from the Repair Costs section below.

Negligence or willful damage includes damages caused by the removal of the case, writing on device, willful destruction, prying off keys, spilling liquids on the device, etc. If the device is deemed to be intentionally or willfully damaged, the student will be fined the full cost of repair or replacement and may be subject to discipline.

  • Any incident - Actual repair cost (see below)

Stolen devices have been "forcibly removed" from the student and a police report with local law enforcement or missing devices that simply no longer in the possession of the student are charged as follows

  • Students with the Chromebook Protection Plan pay a $100 co-payment for the first loss, and a $200 co-payment for the second loss

  • Students without the Chromebook Protection Plan pay the full replacement cost for the Chromebook (current market value)


Repair Costs

Generally, the average parts cost for a repair are listed below, but actual repair costs vary depending on the model and severity of damage:

  • LCD Screen: $40
  • Keyboard: $46
  • Sound/USB (motherboard): $107
  • Plastic: $27
  • Power Adapter: $15
  • Device Replacement: $250

Updated November 16, 2023