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Superintendent Student Roundtable

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High School students working directly with the Superintendent, bringing the student voice to district level decision-making.


The Superintendent's Student Roundtable:

  • Focus on various topics including but not limited to school community, curriculum, facilities, school safety, social justice, and opportunities for students.
  • Provide input on goals and strategies for key District initiatives.

Committee Membership: 

The committee will represent South Kitsap High School, Discovery High School, and Explorer Academy campuses. To ensure the team reflects the diverse population of South Kitsap School District, we will recruit students who represent and reflect the diversity of the district, including:

  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Race
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socio-economic status
  • Student programs (general education, special services, multilingual, highly capable, alternative, homeless, Native American Ed, etc.)

Committee Member Qualifications: 

Members must be a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior student in South Kitsap School District. There will be up to eight student members; one representing each grade level at South Kitsap High School and two additional at-large positions, one from Discovery Alternative, one from Explorer Academy. Committee members must be a student in good standing and making reasonable progress towards graduation and all applicants must have Building Principal approval.

Committee Member Expectations:

  1. Value and respect the diversity of South Kitsap School District.
  2. Work cooperatively and respectfully with committee members.
  3. Actively participate in committee tasks.
  4. Attend all meetings.

Committee Term: 

The Superintendent’s Student Roundtable is a standing committee. The term of membership is one academic year. Members will serve from December - June .

Committee Support & Structure: 

The Superintendent’s Student Roundtable members are selected by application and lottery when needed. Committee members will be offered training opportunities in understanding the school system, leadership, advocacy, team-building and other topics.

Committee Meetings: 

Meetings will be held three times for the 2018-2019 school year. Meetings will be held at the South Kitsap School District administration building and will be 1 hour in length. Snacks, transportation and interpretation (if needed) will be provided. The committee will be asked to attend up to two (2) School Board Meetings per year and brief the School Board on the Committee’s work and activities.

Committee Member Responsibilities and Commitment: 

Team members are expected to commit to attending all meetings (exceptions will be made for urgent and unforeseen conflicts). 

Application Process: 

Applications for The Superintendent’s Student Roundtable will be sought via public notices, community partners, school staff, and parent groups.

Applications will be sent out via website, social media, school newsletters, school counselors and other staff, flyers, etc. Please return this paper application OR fill out the application online. All applications will need the Building Principal’s approval.